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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Dark · #1618668
In a city above the clouds a revolution takes place, and two lovers are separated by it.
This is the rough draft for a web comic im brainstorming, so it might not flow that well.

Whispering is denotated by **'s, and action is shown by ()'s. Please leave questions/comments/suggestions


Maincharacter: Obviously i haven't named him yet. If you have any good names drop a line in your review.
Talent: Graffiti artist, boarder, whatever takes talent. He's the best at everything he does, which often leads to recklessness. He takes pleasure in being able to do things, and doing them best.
Guy: Talent's best friend. Average Joe. Static character to the highest degree, which makes him a dynamic character.
Party: "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die." Another friend of Talent, he joins in Talent's antics for the adrenaline. His philosophy? We got one shot at life. shy spend it acting our age and being perfect. What's wrong with filling my apartment with playpen balls and making love in it?
Cosette: The love of Maincharacter's life, when she looks into a mirror she sees a monster instead of herself.
Mamma Buddha: "When you realize how perfect this world is you will tilt your head back and laugh". She is at peace with the world, taking pleasure in the small things. Paladin's sister.
Paladin: "If you tremble at ever indignation of man then you are a comrade of mine". In charge of the first revolutionary faction in E.A.R.T.H, he fights fire with fire. Ex-gangster.
Zombie: He died in a war, and woke up the next day. Life has left him bitter, and apathetic. He's turned to heavy metal guitar, hard drugs and anything he can to get his mind of his past.
Stitches: Abusive past, he has a scarred face, and so has turned to acoustic music for comfort. He's the opposite of Zombie, for he looks to music to heal himself instead of to numb himself.
Johnny/Werewolf: Unsure middleschool/highschool aged youth who becomes a werewolf every full moon. Very much so a dual nature, he is conflicted. He is kind and religious as johnny, but when Werewolf can entice him to change he becomes reckless, violent, and embraces a darker lifestyle.
Relevance: Her name says it all. She's intelligent and sexy. Imagine a black widow. She owns the nightlife of E.A.R.T.H. If she wants it, she can get it using seduction and prowess. the successful in life are the good looking, the smart, the athletic, the natural leaders. Argue it all you want, its true. the weak and ugly die.
Chief (Bromden): A huge muscular deep voiced rapper. Chief is his stage name. Other than that the only name he seemingly has is Bromden. Like talent, he seems to be the best at everything he does. But unlike talent, Bromden is a mover shaker and producer. He's the best, and he knows it. He uses it to lever himself into better clubs, better gigs, and get more money and chicks.
Other guy: The dealer. Static character, he's the rat. He deals drugs guns, you name it. He lives to make money, and escape with his hide intact.

E.A.R.T.H. Energy Acquiring Remote Terra Haven. Over a million bright cheerful happy inhabitants.

We the leaders of the E.A.R.T.H., in Order to
form a more Utopian Union, establish Law,
insure domestic Conformity, provide
for our defense, promote our welfare
by maneuvering E.A.R.T.H. in order to secure
resources, and secure the Blessings of
Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution for E.A.R.T.H.

E.A.R.T.H. purpose statement

(Talent reading the purpose statement on the side of a subway. He begins graffitiing it with spray paint.)
Talent: Haha, bullshit.
E.A.R.T.H. officer: Hey you!
Talent: *oh shit*
E.A.R.T.H. officer: what're you doing over there? you're under arrest!
(Talent starts booking it over pipes and subway lines.
Eventually he finds himself hanging under a subway)
Talent: damn that was close. (he drops down a few hundred feet Tarzan style.)
Guy: yo man, that you?
Talent: dude, i almost got nabbed by an E.A.R.T.H.man. But i was basically done, so its all good.
Guy: Shit! Be careful! If you get caught we're screwed.
Talent: Shut up, im not gonna get caught.
Guy: Like just now?
Talent: But i didn't right?
guy: but you almost did.
Talent: How many cans do we got left?
guy: like six. You wanna bring some back or tag some more?
Talent: dude, i never finished.
guy: Are you really that stupid?
Talent: yup.
guy: fine. look, heres the backpack. have fun.
Talent: allright, peace out bro. Neva get caught.
guy: *hehe*neva get caught bro. (fist pound/ pop lock and drop it/snap)
(guy disappears into the dark, talent starts climbing back up the pipe)

(run down coffee shop, they sit close to eachother on a torn sofa)
Maincharacter: So what'd you get?
Cosette: french vanilla.
Maincharacter: Never tried it. I got the iced thingie.
Cosette (laughs): iced thingie? You sure are great with coffee names.
(She sips her coffee)
Cosette: Want a try?
Maincharacter: Sure. trade.
Maincharacter: like it?
Cosette: It tastes like crap.
Maincharacter: Ya, i know, i think i'm gonna keep yours.
Cosette (Laughing): Give me my coffee!
Maincharacter(Laughing): No!
(Struggle over the coffee, and they fall over, she lands on top)
(they stare into each others eyes, and kiss)
Cosette: I love you.
Maincharacter: I love you too. And i spilled your coffee.
(Cosette laughs)
Barista: Hey you two! Get off the floor!
(They get up)
Maincharacter (grinning): Sorry. Got carried away
Cosette(giggling): *Your gonna get us kicked out!*
Maincharacter: Not my fault the couch isn't big enough
(you see them both leave the coffee shop)
(He kisses her on her doorstep and they head to a house)
(At the house, he opens the door, and lets her in.)
(Maincharacter hears a noise)
(Maincharacter looks back at the door then heads around to investigate)
Cosette: Babe?
Maincharacter: Just a sec. I'm gonna check something out.

(Talent starts spray painting the subway again)
(E.A.R.T.H.man peers around corner. sees Talent, and motions for others to move in)
(Talent wipes his brow, and happens to look over. He notices the E.A.R.T.H.man and his eyes widen.
(He books it down the subway, just as he begins, gun fire opens up at his feet)
(Talent dives around the subway, chase ensues)
(He runs face first into Maincharacter)

Talent: Oh Shit! Dude, watch where you're goin!
(runs off)
(Maincharacter Sees E.A.R.T.H.men)
Maincharacter: *Jesus Christ!* Wait!
(runs after Talent)
(Talent tries to elude both groups, but is unable to do so, so when he drops out of view he claps a hand over maincharacters mouth)
Talent:*Alright! Fine! but you gotta keep up.*
(they continue down, and they find a door.)
Talent: *in here*
(opens the door in silence, dark interior, low visibility)

(the place lights up revealing a third guy)
Party: Dude! Your back! How'd it go man?
Talent: Sup bro? Went great, Guy chickened out again though.
Party: What, did he knock over a trash can and freak out?
Talent: Na, he split when the E.A.R.T.H.men showed up the first time.
Party: the first time?
Talent: ya, i went back to finish it up and picked up this douche bag.
Party: Oh ya, who the fuck are you anyways?
Maincharacter: uhh, maincharacter
Talent: Nice name.
Party: So he cool?
Talent: no idea, but he ran from the E.A.R.T.H.men.
Party: So? Everyone does.
Talent: so its us vs. them, and he ain't one of them, so he's ok.
(they go down a few levels)

Talent: ok maincharacter, wat WERE you doing out there then?
Maincharacter: I was walking back from the cafe when you ran into me. Suppose i owe you a thanks for saving me if you almost killed me though.
Party: hehe
Talent: Ya no problem bro.
(guy drops into the crash pad room)
Guy: Sup Party.
Talent: sup chicken?
Party: Yo man.
Guy: how'd you beat me here? And who's this?
Party: Talent owes him a favor for almost gettin him caught up with the EARTHmen
Guy: He cool?
Talent: No idea.
Party: Hey new guy, wanna drink?
Maincharacter: Na, i gotta split. Thanks for uhhh, saving me though.
(turns to leave)
Maincharacter: Wanna give me a tip on how to leave without getting caught?
Party: Ya, remember the room where ya came in? theres a hallway to the left of that door. It leads to the janitors closet by the refineries.
Maincharacter: ... thats like 3 miles from here.
Party: Jus' kiddin. It actually leads to a manhole behind the cafe you said you were at.
(Maincharacter begins to walks out)
Maincharacter: HaHa, peace out.
Party: see ya 'round.
Talent peace.

(After he's gone)
guy: God, Talent. You're cutting it close. you almost got caught twice, and you didn't even know that kid and yet you invited him back here.
Talent: Well the E.A.R.T.H.men are too stupid to catch me, and the kid didn't ask any questions did he? He seemed too relieved to be safe. Anyways, all we were doin was taggin _____. What does he care?
guy: Alright. but no more people in the base, ok?
Talent: sounds good man.
Party: hey man, pass the drinks.
Talent get one yourself.
Party: Guy, hand me a drink.
guy: douche bag.
(throws a beer to Party)
Party: thanks.

(Maincharacter walks down a street, chemical rain drizzles down)
(graffiti and trash litter the street, one says "down with E.A.R.T.H." in big black lettering)
(a couple levels below, a concert is starting to heat up, a grizzled looking punker with a mohawk(Zombie) is growling into a mike while playing crunchy power chords)
(The music begins to heat up and his mumbled vocals turn into a scream)
(in the VIP lounge Paladin, Relevance and another person talk.)

Other Person: ...All I'm saying is that there's no way it'd work. The governmental sector is separated on top of E.A.R.T.H. right? How would we get everyone up there? Who would even be there?
Paladin: We don't have to get up there, we just have to cut it off.
Other Person: Cut it off?
Paladin: Ya. We'll send out a few guys to bring down the rail system leading to the top levels. All the E.A.R.T.H. troops are gonna be protecting it, so it won't be defended on the lower levels. In the best situation, we'll cut off our levels before the guards get there.
Other Person: So that's why we need the protest. To cover the team.
Paladin. And we'll have two other teams taking out the power lines and necessary piping.
Other person: Whew...Are you sure this is gonna work? It's gonna be hell if we fail.
Paladin: It had to start somewhere. It had to start somehow. What better time than know? What better place than there?
Relevance: So how many people do you need?
Paladin: I can bring some of the old crowd for addin some heat. Escalating the riot. But the masses belong to you. How many can you bring?
Relevance: I'll post flyers in my clubs and have the DJ's announce it. How many can you expect? No idea. I'd say we could fill the floor though.
Paladin:...What about some music?
Other person: What do you mean?
Paladin: If we advertise it as a concert, we can get more people.
Relevance: Hell, we might get people that have no idea what's going on. What about the costs?
Paladin: I want it completely free. We're gonna try to flood into the upper levels. We wont cut off the rail way unless we can't get people up there.
Other person: Wait... get people into the governmental sector? What are they gonna do there? I thought we were sieging it?
Relevance: No, we're taking it.
Paladin: That what my people are for. They'll direct the mob once they get up there. I may not be one of them anymore, but they're in this because they think they're gonna get some of the power once we overthrow the leaders.
Other person: This is stupid as shit. You're gonna take over the government with gangsters and groupies?
Relevance: Are you getting cold feet hun?
Paladin: You're in or you're out. If your out... well, you're not out, so you may as commit.
Other person (gulp): Alright, what do you need?
Paladin: Our system is like a giant chunk of iron. You said you wanted change. that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna make the iron into steel. And to make steel, you need fire. Lots and lots of heavy fire. You know?
Other person: Alright, i know fire. For your people?
Paladin: For the premium stuff, yes. but we need to pass some out to the rioters as well.
Other person: Hmmm, how many of your gangsters are there?
Paladin: one hundred thugs.
Other person: assorted assault rifles are eighty bucks a piece.
Paladin: What sorts?
Other person: Most of it is stuff that's been jacked from E.A.R.T.H. So we got a lot of German guns. Some russian stuff.
Paladin: Alright. eight grand. done.
Other person: Passin out handguns to the crowd i assume?
Paladin: how much?
Other person: $100 each
Paladin: Bullshit. handguns aren't more.
Other person: If a guy wants to kill someone quick and easy, is he gonna have more work to hide with an AK or a Glock? Supply and demand friend. Do you want it or not?
(Paladin motions to a large man at the entrance of the VIP lounge who walks towards them, and leans in to other person)
Paladin: *I'm about to pull off a coup. All i have is a bunch of gangsters and groupies according to you. I got the entire underground backing me. Do you REALLY think you have a choice?*
Other person (terrified): $80?
Paladin: Closer.
Other person: *What do you want!?!?*
(Paladin motions to stop the bouncer)
Relevance: We can give you 50k for a thousand handguns. Does that sound fair?
Other person(shaking): Thank you.
Other person: So how do you want me to get it to you?
Paladin: We'll talk about this later. Meet me down in the manufacturing sector tomorrow night.
Other person: Alright. Done deal.
Relevance: thank you for your time. pleasure doing business.
(Other person is still shaking at this point as he gets up to leave)

(once he's gone)
Paladin: So, how do you wanna deal with him?
Relevance: We have over a thousand guns. What are the chances that one bullet finds him?
Paladin: You wanna handle that?
Relevance: Should be no problem.
(Paladin pauses and shakes his drink around)
(He looks up and stares at relevance)
Paladin: So, why are you in?
Relevance: What, queen of E.A.R.T.H. doesn't sound inticing enough to you?
Paladin (snorts): Ya, suppose thats the big one. But i mean, what are you in it for? What will you change?
Relevance: Haven't really though of that. Suppose i can't do any worse than the seven leaders though.
Paladin: They can eat my shit for all i care.
Relevance: Why? You got your eyes on a crown as well?
Paladin: No... Just thinking to myself...
Paladin: I got involved in this when my brother got shot by another gang. I started wonderin' about what i was doin' and why i was doin' it. The conclusion i came to was survival. And i started thinking about that, and then i saw one of the leaders on TV. big fat ass -
Relevance: There will always be people with power.
Paladin: In a sense yes, there will always be movers shakers and producers. But it angered me. These people controlling the system didn't give two shits that people die in the streets. Maybe they don't care, maybe they don't know, maybe they just can't help. So i will. I will never stop fighting this machine. No longer will the system choke the oppressed. We shouldn't have to struggle just to survive. So your right. there will always be leaders. And i will always fight them.
Relevance: Even if you won't win? You'll fight them anyways?
Paladin: Fuck yes i will!
(Relevance moves in)
Relevance: So your the big strong knight off to do battle with the forces of evil?
Paladin: Do you get what im trying to say?
(Relevance tries to snuggle up to Paladin)
Relevance: Mmmmm...Yes, and i like it.
Paladin: I don't think you. you act like im just being a hero or something. Im trying to change things!
Relevance:So why are you telling me this then?
Paladin: Because i started thinking - this is just like the old days. Still buying illegal shit, still settin up missions, still watchin friends die. I'm not changing anything!
(Relevance moves in closer and whispers into Paladin's ear)
Relevance: *Nothing ever changes hero.*
(Relevance gets up and walks out of the VIP lounge muching on an apple)

(Maincharacter is laying in bed with Cosette laying beside him, her arm on his chest. light streams in)
(He slowly opens his eyes and begins to blink the sleep from them)
(Cosette feels him moving and wakes up as well, but doesn't open her eyes)
Cosette: So you ok baby?
Maincharacter: 'course. I'm just lucky he was a nice guy.
Cosette: hehe, a nice bad guy. funny
(Maincharacter laughs and begins to get up)
Cosette: Shit! It's 9:00! Why didn't the alarm go off!
(Maincharacter falls back into bed.)
Cosette: Honey, you have to get down to the refineries. Your already an hour late!
Maincharacter: Do i really have to go?
Cosette: Yes!
Maincharacter: Maybe i'll just take the day off. They don't really need me today.
Cosette: Take the day off?
Maincharacter: why not? I'll just spend the day with you. You don't have work today either.
(Cosette thinks about it. they've both laid down at this point)
Cosette: Mmmm, that would be nice. Just you and me.
Maincharacter: See. Brilliant idea.
Cosette: *So brilliant.*
(Cosette snuggles up close to him)
(Maincharacter holds her tight, kisses her forehead, and they fall back asleep)
(light changes, and soon its midday)
(Maincharacter farts)
(Cosette wakes up wrinkling her nose. She gets up and stumbles into the bathroom asleep)
(She takes a shower, and begins to sing the opening lines to "all my loving")
(she gets out and passes the mirror, but the mirror catches her eye)
(she goes back to it and wipes it off so she can see herself. As her hand touches the mirror, the reflected hand looks rotted and discoloured)
(Cosette steps back and stares into a warped reflection of herself, greasy hair, rotting teeth, reptilian eyes, scaly wings and arms)
(Cosette grabs her arms, but stares into the mirror intently. She backs up to the door in terror)
(Sliding down the mirror, tears slide down her face)
(She shakes her head as if she doesn't believe or want to think about what she has just seen)
(She wipes the tears from her eyes and leaves the bathroom)
(Maincharacter is walking down the hallway and sees her)
(He notices her eyes and catches her with a concerned look in his face)
Maincharacter: Everything alright baby?
(Cosette sniffs, but regains composure quickly)
Cosette: Ya, everythings fine.
(Cosette walks down the hallway, trying to keep under control. Maincharacter looks on concernedly, but lets her go)
(Cosette pauses at the top of the stairs)
Cosette: hey...I'll make some breakfast while your in the bathroom alright?
Maincharacter: k...
(Cosette still doesn't look at him, but heads downstairs)

(You see Johnny laying face down, his clothes are torn and he is covered in cuts and bruises)
(He struggles to get up. he is laying beside a deserted roadway. Once he gets up he sees his tattered clothes)
Johnny: *no*....It's happened again.
(Johnny looks around and begins to get up and move around. he holds his head as if it hurts. he sits down on the curb of the road)
(Johnny begins to have flashbacks to the previous night as he walks down the road. They come as blurry blinding images)
(Himself cowering in a corner)
(His shirt tearing as his eyes dilate)
(A dark hairy shape leaping out of a window)
(Johnny has reached a phone booth at this point)
(Bright concert lights and the dark figure in the midst of it all)
(blood, other cowering figures)
(Johnny starts punching in numbers in the telephone)
(Shots ringing out and the dark figure attacking back)
(The figure fleeing into the dark)
(An alley way with other dark figures)
(Johnny picks up the phone)
(the dark figure in the corner, needle in its hand)
(the needle, deep in its arm, bright lights in the back ground)
(Johnny hears the phone ringing)
(the figure looks down at its hands)
(the figures clawed hands, covered in blood)
(Stitches picks up the phone on the other end.)
Stitches: Hello?
Johnny: Hey Stitch. It's me.
Stitches: Where have you been!
Johnny: Stitch...It happened again.
Stitches: What?
Johnny: It happened again last night! That's why i wasn't at home!
Stitches: Oh my God... It happened again?
Johnny: Yes! the pills didn't work!
Stitches: Where are you?
Johnny: No idea, i think i'm over in the surveying sector though.
Stitches: Jesus how did you get all the way out there?
Johnny: Please just come get me.
( You now see Stitches standing in his apartment with the phone)
Stitches: Ok. i'll be right there lil' brother.
(Stitches walks out side and gets in his car)

(Maincharacter is walking down to the refinery)
(He enters the door and puts his arrival card in the slot)
(Spots a notice on his slot. He groans)
Note (in typewriter print): Employee number #H3115UX was late to/not at work (thumb obscures the date). Please report to central management to discuss the issue.
(Maincharacter groans)
(Maincharacter heads through the oil refinery and up a flight of stairs to a spartan looking office)
(Walks in)
Maincharacter: You wanted to see me sir?

(He gets fired)

(Maincharacter walks in his house, closes the door and leans against it)
(Cosette walks up)
Cosette: Whats wrong baby?
Maincharacter: Just a really, (sigh), really shitty day.
Cosette: What happened?
Maincharacter: I got fired.
(Cosette puts her hand over her mouth to hide the shock)
Maincharacter: They were already cutting people, and turns out i wasn't there yesterday, so...ya. I got the ax.
Cosette: What are we gonna do? We can't live off just my salary.
Maincharacter: I don't know. I'll ask Relevance if she needs me filling in for any bands untill i can find another job.
Cosette: When are you gonna go down to the club and ask her?
Maincharacter: The club opens at seven so i'll head down in an hour.
Cosette: Do you want something to eat?
Maincharacter: I'm not hungry.
Cosette: When are you gonna get dinner?
Maincharacter: I dunno. I'll eat when i get back.
Cosette: Whens that?
Maincharacter: Shouldn't be long. I'm just gonna go down and ask her.
Cosette: You should talk to Mamma Buddha on the way.
Maincharacter: Who?
Cosette: She lives in the drilling sector.
Maincharacter: The ghetto?
Cosette: Ya, she's on the very edge of platform 7.
Maincharacter: Being mugged is the last thing i need right now.
Cosette: Your not gonna be mugged if you go to her house. Everyone goes to her.
Maincharacter: Maybe, ok?
Cosette: it'll help. i promise.
Maincharacter: sure. I'll go there on the way back.
Cosette: She helps everyone. No one knows how. She just knows exactly what to say.
Maincharacter: ok. Seeya later. Don't wait up.
(He kisses her forehead and leaves)
Maincharacter: Words aren't gonna help me pay the bill.
(Maincharacter walks down to the subway, gets on, and rides in silence)

(In the manufacturing sector Paladin is talking to the arms dealer he and Relevance talked to the day before)
Paladin: So when's the stuff gonna come in?
Other guy: Should come in at the air docks. Its been disguised as a shipment of anti-depressant pills and other pharmaceuticals.
Paladin: Anti-depressant pills?
Other guy: Happiness is a warm gun
Paladin: Hope the authorities don't have the same sense of twisted humor you do.
Other guy: Relax. They're comin' in tomorrow night. Relevance says she's gonna bring some other people that are big players at her clubs.
Paladin: Did she say why she's showin' em' something so vital to our plan?
(Other guy shrugs)
Other guy: Ask her.
(A lull in conversation. they both are leaning over a rail.)
Paladin: So where are these guns coming from?
Other guy: Theres a guy i know on the ground. He says he's stored up quite a few. He says he can't vouch for quality, but he can vouch for quantity. He says he's got about half the AK's you asked for, and all the hand guns. Unfortunately he won't budge on the price of 'em.
Paladin: Our deals been made. You'll have to make up for any losses with the rifles. You can't complain, this is probably the largest deal you'll ever get. If you wanted a say in prices you shoulda just stayed out of it.
Other guy: I want to know where this stuff is goin. Usually my policy is to not ask, but when your old buds come around askin for over ten thousand fire arms i wanna know what's up.
Paladin: Fair enough. Now you know. Happy?
Other guy: Not really.
Paladin: Its no different than any deal you've made so far. Just more people get hurt.
Other guy: And that's my job. To make sure that the victims aren't the sort that shoot back. And the way i'm looking at it, they are. That's why im getting the hell outta E.A.R.T.H. as soon as i can.
(Paladin slams other guy up against the wall of a cargo crate)
Paladin: Look, your the sort of guy i fucking hate. You don't give a damn about people. I just bought over ten thousand guns. That's over 140,000 bullets. 140,000 dead bodies! And the only thing you give two shits about is how much your getting paid, and wether someone might want some payback. Hell yea someone's gonna want payback. DO get the hell out of E.A.R.T.H. as soon as you can. Or i will kill you. Your too smart to leave before you get the cash, so i'm not worryin about that.
Other guy: Hypocrite.
(Paladin punches him across the face. The other guy falls to the ground.)
Paladin: Those who have not swords can still die upon them. And i intend to give them 7.62x39mm Full Metal Jacket cartridges and automatic rifles. Get me the guns and we're good.
(Paladin walks off)

(You see Johnny sitting on the curb holding his legs to his chest its night)
(Stitches drives up in an old battered car)
(Stitches gets out and sees Johnny)
Stitches: Jesus. Your a mess. C'mon. Lets get you home.
(Johnny doesn't move. Stitch goes and picks him up, and helps him into the passengers seat)
Stitches: Is that...Blood?
(Johnny doesn't respond so Stitches gets into the drivers seat)
(As they drive away, Johnny begins to talk)
Johnny: The pills didn't work Stitches.
Stitches: I know. i know they didn't. I thought they would.
Johnny: Like they didn't even help. I still heard the voice.
Stitches: What about when you switched?
Johnny: It doesn't work like that. It's still me. I'm still there. Its not the voice.
Stitches: But there's nothing stronger than those! If i give you anything stronger your gonna OD!
Johnny: I don't think more pills would work anyways.
Stitches:...So what happened this time?
Johnny: I shot up with something.
Stitches: Any idea what?
Johnny: No idea, but i blacked out and ended up here.
Stitches: No more pills then. If whatever you took drove you over the edge...Just no more pills. We'll figure out something else.
Johnny: And I think i killed someone... or maybe more.
(Awkward silence as Johnny avoids Stitches eyes by looking out the window)
Stitches:...Are you gonna be ok?
Johnny: I don't know. I'm scared.
(The scene goes blurry)
Werewolf: *You should be.*

(he gets off and sees a giant club full of fancily dressed people, anyone involved in an underground scene - mobsters, rappers, rockers of ever generation and style)
(He walks through, checking through with the bouncers)
Maincharacter: I'm a regular
Bouncer: card please
(Maincharacter hands him a card, reminiscent of a master card)
(Bouncer lets him through)
(Maincharacter winds through the club till he spots relevance chewin on an apple)
Relevance: Maincharacter! Haven't seen you round here lately! We've missed you.
Maincharacter: Sorry. Life, ya' know?
Relevance: Hmmm. Hows your girl?
(She moves in closer to him)
Maincharacter: Good. Listen, I have a favor to ask you. I just lost my job at the refineries. Is there any chance i could fill in for bands until i get back on my feet?
(Relevance puts on a pouty face)
Relevance: You don't call, you don't txt, and the only reason you came back is for a job. Why don't you like it here? We got everything here. Wanna Fix? We got it. Wanna fight? We got it. Wanna fuck? We got it.
Maincharacter: Ya, like i said, i just haven't gotten around to gettin down here.
Relevance: Pfff. Fine. I'll tell you when you can fill in for a band member. But you have to spend more time down here. We've missed you.
(Maincharacter looking around)
Maincharacter: Ya, i've forgotten how much i loved this place. Is Let Us Forget still playing? That one metalcore band?
Relevance: Yup. Still goin strong.
Maincharacter: Still the same guys?
Relevance: You remember when Zombie became the vocalist and lead guitarist? He's been a hit, but he switched to rhythm guitar so he could focus on vocals. They got a new lead guitarist. Pretty damn good. He can shred like no one else. He's friends with the DJ from a new hip hop group called Bokor. Their pretty hot too.
Maincharacter: Cool. I'll have to check both of them out. Gotta get back into the scene if i wanna fill for people.
Relevance: I'll put out the word that your back. I'm sure that there are some people that remember who you are.
(Relevance spots a heavily muscled rapper who catches eye contact with her)
Relevance: I'll txt you if anything comes up. Stick around and enjoy the vibes.
Maincharacter I really gotta get...
(Relevance has walked off and has her hand on the rappers shoulder moving seductively around him)
(Maincharacter makes his way towards the entrance)
(Maincharacter turns around curiously as he hears the beginnings of an amp squeal)
(Zombie begins a death growl, and a guy wearing a flat brim new age hat breaks into a chillled but rapid intro)
(As it turns into a solo and Zombie begins an intense death growl that turns into a scream)
(Maincharacter turns and stops to watch)
(The lead guitarist steps into the light)
Maincharacter: ...Talent?? Dang he's good.
(Maincharacter turns and leaves the club, walking into the rain)
(He walks down several streets, and finds himself in front of the subway station that has a construction gate over it)
Maincharacter: shit. guess i'll stop by Mamma Buddha's after all.
(Maincharacter makes his way down towards the bottom of E.A.R.T.H.)
(As he travels down it gets much later, and he finds himself in a heavily industrial area.)
(He finds himself in front of a wall labeled PLATFORM 07)

(Relevance has just walked up to The Chief.)
Relevance: Mmmmm. So what do you think of it?
Chief: 's big. Who all's here?
Relevance: Let Me Forget's up right now. Aftermath and Skurred are the big ones that've been up so far. It's been mainly metal tonight. But Bokor's up next. They just signed onto the same label as you. Then the rap duo Hi 2 Oktane goes on, then you. You ready?
Chief: This is wacked. This is metal yo. 'Thought you said it'd be MCin'?
(Relevance puts on a pouty face)
Relevance: I gotta please everyone here.
Chief: I know. An' this is just a favor.
(Relevance gives him a seductive look)
Relevance: *I'll have to return the favor. Maybe i'll find somethin that pleases YOU*
(Chief moves in closer)
Chief: *Mmmmm...Girl, you can please me all you want.* (Chief's voice is deep enough that his whisper is still much more audible)
Relevance: *Maybe if you do well tonight you'll get lucky*
Chief: There's gonna be a line backstage either way
Relevance: Your hot product Chief. And you know it. But that doesn't mean your big.
Chief: Not yet. But I will be. You said you had somethin' big planned. Who's all in? And i haven't heard anything about anything big lately.
Relevance: We're not talking about it now. And its not just me. This is big hun. Way big.
Chief: So if i do this for you, i get a spot.
Relevance: Meet me down at the drilling platforms. The air docks. Your in or your out. But if your in, you gotta be all in.
Chief: I'll be there. Now where's the backstage? I gotta get ready.
Relevance: Its through the bar. second door on your right should be yours. Where's your mixtape.
Chief: I left it with the DJ.
(Relevance blows him a kiss)
Relevance: Good luck then. I'll be watching.

(maincharacter walks up to a machine reminiscent of a ATM machine)
(He types in Mamma Buddha, and sees the address and directions to her residence.)
(Maicharacter is now standing in front of Mamma Buddha's house. he rings the door bell, and is met by a young beautiful woman)
(Mamma Buddha takes a look at Maincharacter, who's soaked from the rain, and out of breath)
Maincharacter: Umm...Mamma Buddha...?
Mamma Buddha: Dats me.
Maincharacter: shit, this is awkward. My girlfriend said i should go down and talk to you, and ya...ummm....here i am.
Mama Buddha: Watch ya language boy. C'mon in.
(He walks in and she shuts the door)
Mamma Buddha: Ya wanna drink?
Maincharacter: Sure.
Mamma Buddha: So what's buggin ya son?
Maincharacter: I just lost my job at the refineries. We can keep it up for a little while, but we can't live off just her salary alone. I just talked to the woman who owns the clubs down here. I used to be really in the scene, so she's letting me fill in for the instruments bands need until i can get a job, but its just not stable. And i don't know how long it'll last.
Mamma Buddha: Ah, Cosette's a sweet girl. How she holdin' up?
Maincharacter: I don't know. I just found out this morning.
Mamma Buddha: Ya should ask her then. Make sure she's holdin' up.
Maincharacter: I know. I don't want her to worry. She's seemed really down lately, so I want to get back up on my feet as fast as possible. I don't want her having to provide for both of us. Did she tell you why she's been so depressed lately?
Mamma Buddha: Ah ain't tellin ya. Ah don't share otha peoples troubles. She'll open up in her own good time. But don't fret about it son. Your da world to dat girl.
Maincharacter: Seems like i can't give her everything she deserves. I mean, the refineries was a shit job anyways. We're in this crappy little house. Its probably a hundred years old. Heck, i can't even get her a nice present.
Mamma Buddha: Son! What did ah tell ya about watchin ya language? An don't worry boy. What matters is that your tryin. She knows dat. An whats wrong with how ya live. Look at my house. Lived here all my life. Nuthin wrong with it.
Maincharacter: I didn't mean theres anything wrong with your house. Its just like... well i want Cosette to have more.
Mamma Buddha: Ah knew what ya meant son. Your worryin too much. You'll get back on ya feet. Your a bright boy. You'll get back on ya feet soon. But ya know, money ain't what matters the most to dat girl. Its how ya treat her. She's had a hard life. What she needs is for ya to show that ya care. Money don't matter. Tell me what its like when ya with her.
Maincharacter: Great. I'm completely relaxed. When i'm with Cosette, i don't care what the world thinks. Its like i become a different person. We spent two hours just sitting in a coffee shop sharing drinks. I was tryin to play some song she liked on the guitar and i kept screwin it up haha. She was laughin so hard. She snorted she was laughin so hard. There she was all pretty, she had put her hair just like i like it, and so when she snorted it was like the funniest thing i'd ever seen. I started laughin and couldn't stop. We were both laughin so hard i had to sit down. And the best part is it wasn't even that funny. But yet we were laughin so hard we were crying. And my god she looks like an angel. I always get up early in the mornings right? Well one morning i got up and got already for work, then realized it was saturday. I came back in and found her curled in this perfect little ball. She normally rests her hand on my chest when we go to sleep, but when i got up she didn't wake up so she had just clutched my sheets and pulled them close the way a little kid clutches a teddy bear. The sun was shining through the blinds and she was just layin there bathed in the early morning light. It was like somethin outta a picture. Better than that. And she had the most content smile on her face. I dunno if you've ever seen someone smile when there asleep, but its somethin else. She looked the happiest i've ever seen her. I just sat there watchin her for a while before climbing back into bed and fallin right asleep. If there was any one time i've been perfectly happy, that was it. Happiest i've ever felt.
(Maincharacter looks up to see Mamma Buddha smiling at him)
Mamma Buddha: See. I told ya son. Money. It comes an goes. We go through hard times, we go through good times. Life ain't no crystal stair. But its times like those that really matter - when ya laugh so hard ya cry, or wake up with ya lover in ya arms. Dat's what matters, an dat can't be bought no matter how much money ya got. So if ya really love her, and ah think ya do, ya gotta be strong. Show her that she's the world to ya. And if ya do dat for her, it don't matter if ya barley scrapin by. She'll be happy. Hapiness neva depended on money.
(Maincharacter is lost in thought)
Maincharacter: Your right. I'm just happy i have Cosette. But i still need a job. Money can't buy happiness, but neither can being poor. There are lots of people that talk contemptuously about money. Its easy for someone with money to talk about how money is worthless.
Mamma Buddha: Honey, its sour grapes. No one would turn down being rich. But dey certainly despise what dey can't get. There are plenty of people that love to tell us money is the root of all that kills. But dey have never been poor, dey have never known the joy of a presentness Christmas.
(Mamma Buddha gets a slightly bitter look on her face, but it vanishes fast)
Mamma Buddha: But I'm not sayin dat. It's part of life, an only a fool tries to build Zion apart from Babylon. Dat's just how we live. What im tellin ya is dat ya got everthing dat matters in your arms every night.
(Maincharacter's stomach growls)
Mamma Buddha: Ya had anything to eat today son?
Maincharacter: Na. Not hungry
Mamma Buddha: Ah'll getchya some cereal. Not a proper dinner, but it'll do.
Maincharacter: Thanks.
(Mamma Buddha sits down across from him)
Mamma Buddha: Let me tell ya somethin'. I was born 78 years ago, and -
(Maincharacter grins)
Maincharacter: You're not seventy-eight.
(Mamma Buddha smiles back)
Mamma Buddha: Theres a lot ya don't know about life son. The secret to stayin young ain't that secret, its just no one listens.
Maincharacter: Your serious? It's just that you look so... young!
Mamma Buddha: Well thank ya. Anyways, i'm tryin to tell ya somethin. Ma mom and pappy lived a good life. They worked hard. Unfortunately, we were always poor. They didn't mind. They taught me how to work hard. When they got older they had ma two brothers. They were gettin too old, an they didn't see how they lived. They got into the whole world of... well... the world. Wanted to move up, and wanted to move fast. My parents belonged to a slower time. Where you could sit down and just watch the clouds go by. And not these horrible clouds of smog. No, nice streaks of white, like a thick acrylic paint across a sky o' baby blue. But they just couldn't see it. When Paladin was -
(Maincharacter spits out his milk)
Maincharacter: Paladin!?!? Your brother is Paladin?
Mama Buddha: Yup. Ma younger brother.
Maincharacter: As in the rap metal guy?
(Mama Buddha chuckles)
Mamma Buddha: Is that what they're callin it these days? He's been doin it for years. He loves his guitar. Its the one thing he probably does. They used to call it stoner rock. Then grunge. The truth is they can't label his music so they throw it in with whatever sounds most like it. But ah know what it really is - anger and loss. Our brother was the life of our family after my parents passed away. God bless them. But he tried to hard after they were gone. Ya see, the one thing my parents impressed him with was that we were a family. So even though i was in ma fifties, and Paladin was in his twenties, he looked out for us. But then one day he got over his head. He and his gang ended up in a shootout with another gang. See, they had both been promised the same deal, and when they realized what just got pulled on him the guns came out. He took seven bullets to the chest. No one cares about the people in the drilling sector. They probably coulda saved him. Eventually one of his gang members came back and took him to a hospital. He was declared dead, we had a funeral, and that was that. But Paladin took it especially hard. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that if he had been anyone else, and if it had happened anywhere, he might've made it.
Maincharacter (In a quite voice): I'm sorry.
Mamma Buddha: Its ok. It was a long time ago. Ah've come to peace with myself. He's gone to a better place. Anyways, thats how life works. You get hung up on one thing, and next thing you know, you're trippin over everything. Ya gotta realize that sometimes, its better to move one. That was Paladin's problem. He wanted to avenge his brother. The fact that he might've been saved was just too much on him. He wanted someone to blame. So he went after the gang they had been fighting. He went through them one by one trying to find my brothers killer. He found the poor kid that had done it. Gave him seven shots too. But it wasn't enough. Right then, right there he shoulda realized that if that didn't give him closure, nothing would. So he kept on avengin, and never stopped. Anger is a great force. If you control it, it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world. But it'll leave you with nothing left. An that's why i'm afraid for Paladin. I'm afraid he'll burn the whole world to the ground and find that he's got nothing left but the same feelings he had twenty years ago. He'll find himself at the beginning all over again, until he realizes that he must find his own closure at our brother's death.
(Maincharacter sits silently in thought)
Mamma Buddha: Its gettin late - ya should get home.
Maincharacter: Thanks for the food Mamma.
Mamma Buddha: Couldn't just leave ya starvin could ah?
(Mamma Buddha opens the door)
Maincharacter: Thanks for everything. I'm glad i stopped by.
Mamma Buddha(chuckles): Glad ah could. Now get back home to that smart girl of yours and give her everything ya can.

(Relevance is picking out mixtapes with her DJ above the main floor of a club)
Relevance: Nah, this one is shit. Got anything faster paced?
DJ: This one? All the cyber goths and ravers love it.
Relevance: Na. It's just speedmetal and crappy electronica. I want something that vibrates the whole godamn floor. That stuff's just too flaky.
DJ: I gottchya. Check this one.
(tosses her another tape.)
(Suddenly Paladin bursts in)
Paladin: Relevance, we have to talk. now.
Relevance: Something wrong with security?
Paladin: No. It's about the other thing.
Relevance: Step out side. We'll be right back in, k?
(Relevance steps outside and closes the door)
Relevance: What now?
Paladin: I heard your bringing some people to the docks tomorrow.
Relevance: Ya, why?
Paladin: If word gets out, we're screwed. This is vital! Up until now there hasn't been anything that we could get busted for. This is the first real step. Are you sure that you want to bring new people into it, when we don't even know wether their for it or not? And don't tell me that they're for it. People say a load of shit to impress others.
Relevance: Don't worry about it. These aren't posers. These are the movers shakers and producers from my clubs. If something bigs goin down they're gonna be involved in it wether sooner or later. This is a chance to catch 'em early on. This is big, and these guys have an eye for big.
Paladin: smart. I'll trust you on this, but be careful. Don't treat this so lightly. If we mess up, even once, people die.
Relevance: People ARE gonna die. Remember who we need. If the guns get busted, we steal 'em back. Loosing the suppliers won't matter if we can pull this off fast. The people I'm bringing ensure that we can do it fast.
Paladin: You're right. But we shouldn't risk it all unnecessarily.
Relevance: These people don't speak words. They speak bling. They speak cash. And ten thousand guns is a more eloquent exposition to them than any moving speech. They'll be in. And it's not a risk on them as it would be for others. Words don't work unless the prey is weak.
Paladin. True dat. Ill see you at the docks then tomorrow. Never get caught.
Relevance: Neva get caught.
(She leans over and kisses him lightly before going back into the DJ's room)

END OF PART 1 (please leave a comment with suggestions or ideas)

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