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by robhow
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The mystery of our existence? Is there an underlying truth in the Atlantis legend?
Many years ago in Greece a story was passed down orally from generation to generation until it finally arrived at the ears of a philosopher named, Plato. Plato retold the story and from there a legend was born. There are many who believe that it was never true and was all in Plato's mind. The account related was supposed to be from an ancestor called Solon that was originally told to him by one of the high Priests of Egypt.
         The position of Atlantis was supposed to be in the Atlantic Ocean supporting a powerful empire first established by Poseidon, God of the Sea. As long ago as 1882 a man called Donnelly, an American politician, wrote a world-wide best seller on the theories of Atlantis. Another theory was then presented. Frost, a professor of history at Queens University in Belfast suggested that Atlantis was East of Gibraltar due to the fact that in that direction was the Minoan Empire. In that Empire was superb architecture and art and a code of laws that gave women equal status to men.
         Unfortunately, the Minoan Civilisation suddenly ceased to exist; all that is left is Santorinas, several islands in a circle. It was know twenty-five hundred years earlier as a large island with a volcano in the middle. A massive eruption approximately 1500 years earlier, an explosion of such force that was four times as powerful as the one at Krakatau, completely wiped out the area and the Minoans'. The tsunami at Krakatau was 120 feet high so what was it at Crete? The time differences were not correct to Plato's story the Minoans' disappeared 900 years previous and Plato's time was 9000.
         Some people believe that the Azores located 900 miles from the Portuguese coast are the mountain tops of the sunken continent.
         Believers of the lost continent think that when Atlantis disappeared so did a great amount of knowledge and wisdom. We are slowly digging into the past to find more evidence of where we came from.
         Lots of different ideas have evolved over the years, some startling. One is a book by Prof. Arysio Santos who says Atlantis was in the Indian Ocean about the times mentioned by Plato, and sunk about 11000 years ago.
         Extraterrestrials' also emerged into the picture in an age where to be mobile was to have a chariot. Therefore explanations of vehicles or flying machines would be described as whirlwinds with flashing fire. Were the Gods of this era producing offspring by the Atlantean women?
         Did men from space shape this great continent over several thousand years? We do not even know if Atlantis really existed. What is the real truth about Atlantis? Out of all the legends and myths that are told and distributed certain facts do become clear. A special complimentary report has been written by Jim Long entitled 'The Philosophy of Atlantis.' One conception or idea keeps shining through the mist of legend. Read the complimentary report by Jim Long to find out what it is.
         Do you wonder how the world has developed to its present stage? How do you cope with the mystery of our existence? Please read and enjoy the report.

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This article was written by Robin G Howard whose pseudonym is Jim Long. Have you wondered or pondered on the ancient civilisation that was presumed to exist thousands of years ago? Then please read this complimentary report by Jim Long – 'The Philosophy Of Atlantis.' There is an underlying truth that shines through the philosophy. You can read the report by going to http//www.jimlongspaceagnt.com to instantly download the PDF copy. By reading this article you may understand more about the lost civilisation. Webmasters and Ezine owners please feel free to distribute the report to your lists without changing any texts.

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