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Tell that special someone how you really feel...unless they hate you already.

Nahomi entered the classroom early for the first time in months, and as she did she glared at the person who was responsible for it. When Kyle Ellwood's blue eyes met hers she quickly looked the other way, embarrassed as she

remembered the awkward dream... or better said nightmare she had about him.

That morning, at five in the morning to be exact, she woke up all wet and disgusted, she quickly took a shower and shivered as she thought of Kyle Ellwood's hands caressing her short, dark- brownish hair and the curves of her tanned hispanic, puertorican body.

She loathed him, he was an immature jerk that was always playing stupid jokes on her and who would do anything to humiliate  her, of course she would humiliate him back.

Even after taking a shower she couldn't go back to sleep, so she had no other choice but to go to school early, no matter how much she hated it.

Laughter filled the classroom as Kyle and his friends, including his "girl fans", made fun of every single person who stepped inside, especially Nahomi.

-"Kiero taco bell?", teased Kyle, followed by a hard laughter coming from his brainless friends.

-"Pudrete,"  Nahomi answered without even blinking, as she sat on her desk. Nahomi wasn't in the mood for this early morning stuff,  trying to concentrate on blocking the image of Kyle Ellwood's naked body from her nightmare kept her busy. Stupid teenage hormones, she thought to herself.

The teacher wasn't giving any class yet, so everyone around her was talking and Kyle's voice was among all of them as he told everyone about the last prank that got him in detention for the rest of the school year. She really didn't care and she really didn't want to hear, so putting on her mp3 to full blast she started to play her favorite mental game. Closing her eyes she pictured the classroom in her head then she disappeared Kyle and his friends from the picture, she was starting to relax, she even erased the good for nothing teacher and it was only her and her music. She was in her happy place.

A paper ball hit her head, messing up her mood.

She didn't have to turn to know who was it from, so she glanced at the teacher expecting her to do something about it, but it seemed that she was too busy reading the news paper. She nags me about coming late, but when I do come early she just sits there doing nothing, Nahomi thought angrily. She didn't know if to shove the ball down Kyle's throat or the teacher's. Instead she took a deep breath and decided to let that one slide.Grabbing the paper ball carelessly she aimed for the trash, but missed it. -"Lame.", coughed one of Kyle's friends. Nahomi turned for a comeback, Nah its too easy, she thought as she saw his huge forehead full of nasty pimples.

As Nahomi laughed at this thought,  one of the most annoying, loudest teacher's pet of the class picked up the paper ball that was near the trash bucket, -"Mrs. Davis someone is throwing paper balls in your classroom," she snitched, but Mrs. Davis didn't even look up. -" I wonder if it's a lovey dovey letter." she said, officially talking to herself.

Yeah, like that's ever going to happen, though Nahomi shaking her head.

-"Ooh, how romantic!" she squealed, now everyone looking her way. She cleared her throat preparing herself to read the note out laud, aware of the attention she suddenly got and enjoying every minute of it. -" Oh Nahomi how I wish I could in way be special or do something special, like write poetry, having a way to express the way you take my breath away. When you step inside this hellhole you inspire me, you make me want to make things, be someone..." she paused, everyone at the edge of their desk, even the teacher."sadly...", she continued, "...for me, I have nothing to offer to someone as special as you."

Nahomi's golden brown eyes fluttered as she grabbed her book bag and stormed out of the room.

Kyle's deep blue eyes fallowed, as Nahomi gave him a disgusted look and disappeared out the door. He felt an air of relief as he noticed that she thought it was all a joke, but also a sting of failure as he also noticed how slim his chances were getting to at least become friends with the small, hispanic girl from class.

-" What was that Kyle?" demanded the airhead who thought he was her boyfriend.

His friends say that she is the hottest girl in school, so he never said anything to her when she grabbed his arm in the hallway. But she's so annoying. Kyle noticed his friends staring at him too, -"I felt generous enough today to give Linda a little ego boost" answered Kyle as his best friend, Alex, smiled at him not believing a word. Alex was the only one who knew there was more to that.

-"Her name is Nahomi.", said one of his other friends.

He knew that very well.

-"Is it?", he replied playing dum.

-"Kyle you are so mean.", said Ashley, the airhead sitting next to him.

As the girls started making fun of Nahomi's accent, Kyle wondered were could she be and most of all what could she be thinking.

At lunch time Kyle searched for the tanned girl's face, but didn't find it. She wasn't even sitting under the tree next to the soccer field with her friends and the losers that hit on her every day. She must have gone home, he thought, have I crossed a line?

At the end of the day Kyle decided to tell his wanna-be-girlfriend to wait for him in front of his locker while he went to "look for a text book he forgot."  As he walked home two angry hands grabbed him by his shirt. Relieved to see who it was he smiled. It was Nahomi and she was mad, not sad.

Nahomi stared angrily in to the blue eyes of the only gringo she despised. She was holding back from kicking him in a sweet spot when she told him, -"What is your problem, Ellwood?" she asked annoyed.

Kyle just smiled at her, "Answer me, you freak!" she said shoving him.

-"I'm the freak?", said Kyle teasing. "Tell me something Sanchez, are you going to stalk me every day after school now that you think I have a crush on you?", he asked cocking his head.

Nahomi stepped closer to him clenching her fists. She had fought her older brother and her cousins before, she was totally game to break Ellwood's jaw, if needed.

-"First of, in your dreams, broccoli head." she said referring to his blonde curls. At the mention of the word "dream" a horrible flashback from her nightmare came to mind making her look away from his eyes.

-"Second?", asked Kyle as he noticed her blushing and the sudden silence.

-"Second!", she sneered looking back at him, "Back off or-"

-"Or?", he interrupted getting closer to her, his pointy nose almost touching hers.

Kyle forgot what he was going to say next as  he stared deeply in to Nahomi's deep golden brown eyes hidden in a jungle of lashes.

Nahomi felt herself flush as he stared at her awkwardly, but she refused to look away as she knew he was only thinking of some nasty thing  to say about her, as he always did.

-"Wouldn't you like to...?", said Kyle's voice, sarcasm lacking in the question, sounding dead serious.

What the...oh, that's low, even for him. Two can play this game, Nahomi though as she got closer to him and stepped on his toe with all her strength. -"NOT in this life...or in any life for that matter." She sneered as she watch him jump up and down cursing.

-"Why...you...ugh!", he mumbled.

Nahomi couldn't stand the sight of him, so she started to walk away.

Kyle watched as Nahomi walked away from him, then a voice inside his head told him: "You have nothing to lose." Then, without warning, he felt words climb up his throat and come out of his mouth.-"Why don't you get it? I REALLY DO LIKE YOU!!", he practically yelled before he could stop himself.

Kyle's words echoed inside Nahomi's head as she stopped cold and stood still like a rock. She didn't know what to do if she turned around to face him, so she didn't. This...this jerk, what have I done to make him want to hurt me so bad?, she thought getting real mad and confused.

-"I know you hate my guts and that that's my own fault...I-I don't know when it happened, but it's true." He said already at her side, hoping not to regret this later. There was no answer from her, so he softly touched her uncovered shoulders and gently tried to turn her toward him. To his surprise she let him and when she did, she gave him a sweet smile making her lips look seductive. He holded his desire to kiss her sweet looking lips as she said:


-"Tell me.", he whispered.

The second after that her five fingers from her right hand were on his face burning him with the strongest slap he has ever gotten from a girl.

-"What the...?"

-"Get a life you JERK!!!", she added tearing up from anger and walked away. He is jerking me around, she repeated in her head over and over as she walked back home.

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