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I was supposed to show not tell. Comment brutally please.
I bit my nail too far back. The night seems darker than ever. I can only spot two stars with my geeky glasses. My heart feels like its falling into a deep dark pit, but I'm very anxious. I think about the danger I'm about to face as I suck the blood from my thumb, hoping it will stop bleeding.

-"Here I am," said the husky voice, one constantly haunting my dreams since the last time I heard it.

I  thought practicing my well thought out speech back in the rest stop's ladies room would make this easier. It didn't.

-"I-I uh..." I barely hear myself stutter, my heart is too loud and I think he can hear it also.

-"Speak briefly. I can only control my instincts  for a short period of time."

My heart was in a race for death at the hearing of the fact. I looked down and remembered myself what brought me here. There was no parental figure in my memories, no advice I could recall to help me make this decision...my memories are only of loneliness and pain. Now I look up and drown myself in the eyes of my predator, yet, the only creature that has shown me pity. He doesn't like me, I can see it when he looks at me and I hear it every time he speaks to me, but he has not killed me even though every part of him, his instincts, inclines him to. My heart tells me that he values my life when I myself hate it. This must be a way of loving, right? Even if it's a small part of it, I want to know...love.

-"I' ve decided," I said, my voice sounding steady for my surprise.

I couldn't help but notice his expression change. This was the first time I see an expression IN his face

.-"You have decided?" he asked cocking an eye brow. I nodded as he took a step closer and got down to eye level with me.

-"Don't do this to me." I looked away, more  than aware his intentions were to mess with my head."You said, once I was older I could make this decision."

-"I thought an older Aiko would be wiser," he mocked, lifting his gaze to the dark skies.

Staying silent is my best option or my temper could blow this up. I'm willing to take the risk and I'm resolved that my steady face will show it. I'm not afraid of death.

He inhales deeply, before exhaling sharply and loud. I know this meant only one thing, he was disappointed in me and how much he regrets meeting me tonight. My eyes distract my thinking as they explored the perfect assets of the creature standing before me. I take in this dark, raven hair who reminds me of a beautiful character I once read about in Greek mythology. His perfect flawless skin showed no scars no misadventure carved into them, and those muscles send shivers down my spine from fear, but also attraction.

"What?" his smooth voice demanded.

My face flushed as I remembered how he can hear my pulse racing. Thank goodness he cannot hear my thoughts, I thought to myself.

"You humans." he said with disdained, while having no answer from me. He looked at me lost in his own thinking, "No." he dryly said to me like I knew he would. He started to walk away in to the deepest part of the alley were he would disappear.-"Aoi..." I started as I watched him stop, "If you don't, I will have to finish my suffering otherwise." I had decided this the minute I guessed Aoi would say no. He thinks I have a life which he doesn't want to end. I'm the one who knows what my life is about, nothing.

-"Do you want to die?" he asked between his teeth.

-"Is up to you, Aoi." I said calmly knowing I was getting what I wanted no matter what he thought.

-"THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M AFRAID OF!" He snapped viciously showing his most deadly weapon, his teeth. In a split of a second my heart jumped up to my head and down to my feet from his unexpected reaction giving me a nausea feeling.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME?" he yelled noticing the fear he was causing me and taking advantage of it.

I closed my eyes as rage boiled my blood.

-"Yes!" I yelled back with all my human strength and before I could open them again I felt two metal-like needles sink into my neck, were my shoulders started. As I was still conscious in a horrible draining pain I wondered if he decided to kill me or if I would survive this pain and end my most hated weakness, being human.

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