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A heart warming story about loss hope and love


         It’s funny how sometimes when we are faced with a challenge all we want to do is run as far away from it as our bodies will let us go. Well that’s where I am, standing in the poring rain in the middle of my biggest challenge yet. If I run one way I could lose my life and if I run the other, well that’s my problem, I have no clue what is going to happen and that scares me more then the rode I would have chosen a year ago. I only have a moment to choose and I turn in my direction and run splashing in the newly forming puddles right to him. I really hoped I was making the right choice.

Chapter one: singing the pain

         It was strange being there when I had no idea where there was. All I knew was that it was different than what I was used to though it seamed oddly familiar and safe. Safe, that was a word that hadn’t been in my vocabulary in months but these soft purple walls and the laughter made me feel that way. “Amie Lynn!” That voice! I would know that voice anywhere but I was quite shocked by what I heard when I opened my mouth to speak. “I’m in here mommy.” The voice was high and almost musical but the voice was mine and so was the smile that I felt tug at my lips as I saw the familiar golden hair and bright green eyes walk into this purple safe place. The face began to blur as I heard the familiar buzz of my alarm. That smile remained on my face as my pale blue eyes fluttered open. It had been a year since the accident that took that beautiful woman from me and I missed her more every day. I turned to my bedside table and turned off my alarm taking a long look at the three framed smiling faces and then noticing the familiar weight across my waist and I sighed. Here I sit  ms. Amie Lynn Taylor, captain of the cheer squad, class president, the “perfect” boyfriend laying beside me  and the most “amazing” uncle in the next room. The “perfect” life and I couldn’t be any more miserable then I am now. I slipped out from under his heavy arm and walked to my full length three paneled mirror to assess the damage. I sighed deeply as I looked up my nude body that witch had so many bruises that I could have been wearing a top. “Baby come back to bed so I can ravish you before school.” oops. 

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