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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1619878
A story based off Loonatics Unleashed, WARNING contains blood/swearing
Chapter 3 ::Crystallization, a blessing? Or a curse?:: 

                It didn’t take me long before that I’ve been out for two years. I was actually pretty scared to fall asleep when I first woke up, afraid that these weird powers I have will make me fall asleep again and not find the one I love. Yet, that guy does seem familiar, I can’t have my hopes too high that he could be Tech, but even so I did help him and save his life. He seemed to take my hints pretty hard, so it has to be him…without a doubt. When I woke up before I woke up in a nightmare, I found myself alone, first off. And on top of that I woke up with weird voices in my head, I was reading everyone’s mind in the city and it took me exactly twenty minutes I think to ‘turn it off’. And I had weird tattoos all over my arms, legs, and back. It also stopped at my neck and chest. I had no idea what those tattoos were for, they were black though and that’s when I found myself looking for a disguise and a calendar and my memory started to come back piece by piece.

But here I was, knocked out again by that whacko of a scientist that somehow knows me and that weird team of super heroes. I was having a dream I think, so I was relieved that I probably didn’t fall back to the crystallized sleep. I was in a weird place made of metal and I was searching for something….even though I wasn’t sure what it was. Was I looking for Tech? My friends? I stopped as I saw a ghastly figure of a woman looming over a small baby carriage, a carriage that was stained mysteriously with red spots….I gulped, not wanting to get near the almost non-human female figure but found myself moving closer slowly. I could hear her whispers as they got louder each step I took.
‘There, there sweetie-pie. Those selfish people won’t hurt you anymore…especially that bitch with the tattoos.’ She hissed evilly. I blinked, she actually knows me? But who was she? And why did she despise me so much? When I stopped walking suddenly my sneakers made a scrape sound. The woman looked up quickly with her eyes sewn shut and I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. She took out a knife from her apron pocket and then she titled her head to the side, she was searching for me.
‘I know you’re there.’ She said with a cackle, ‘I can smell your fear….Jessie.’ she said. I gasped and knew who she was now. And from anger I was able to slowly pick up a wrench from the floor and I jumped at the woman and try to strike her. She smiled evilly and turned around and was able to block my attack. She took a swipe, which I barely dodged; the victim was my shirt thank god. And I went to attack her again but she pushed me down making me drop my wrench and she got on top of me and placed the knife to my neck. ‘Tsk, tsk. Attacking your own aunt.’
‘You’re not my aunt.’ I hissed as she ‘looked’ down at me. ‘You’re just an accident on this planet. Besides, only scum can only kill their own husbands after having their seeds planted in them.’ She laughed at my reply and swiped at me giving me a long gash on the cheek.
‘You think that your little comment offends me? It was part of my plan to get myself pregnant by your uncle and then kill him for the money.’
‘Where’s Timothy?!’ I interrupted, ignoring the pain in my cheek. All I wanted was the safety of my baby cousin. ‘Where is he damn it?!’ She swiped at my face again near the eyes and I let out a yelp. She was about to take another cut but I kicked her off and ignored the blood getting in my vision. I picked up a rock and through it at her to distract her and I ran toward her, grabbing a pipe with a pointed edge as I did. It was a success; she was too distracted enough for me to come at her and plant the pointed edge in her chest, instant kill. I took deep breaths as I stood over her, I then ran to the carriage expecting to see a small infant, totally unharmed. ‘Timothy?! Timothy!’ I called like a desperate mother, when I got to the buggy I gasped in horror as I saw nothing but blood and his favorite stuffed animal in the puddle of blood. ‘Timothy..?’
‘Well done.’ A voice said and I gasped as a giant shadowy figure held a knife to my neck. Somehow I could tell it was a male. I looked at him with so much anger my vision and hands fumed with red energy.
‘What have you done with Timothy you bastard?!’
‘That’s for me to know…’ the man said and leaned closer and whispered in my ear. ‘And for you to find out.’ And he sliced my throat. And things have turned black once again.

              I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a weird ceiling with a fan. I heard nothing but muffled whispers which slowly became clearer.
“So how is she Tech?” a voice with an accent asked, it sounded like a guy’s. After hearing a small rustle a voice finally replied.
“She’s doing a lot better, it wasn’t hard to patch her up…but I couldn’t believe that she could remain standing after getting a piece of glass lodged in her throat.” A deep familiar voice replied.
“She seems like tough material.” A female’s voice said and more papers rustling followed. “So do we have any identification on her yet?”
“No not yet.” The familiar voice said. “I was hoping we can get some answers from her after she wakes up.” I blinked a few times and tried to move; I moved my head and saw some anthros standing there near a table. A duck in a black and orange suit crossed his arms and looked away.
“I think that girl is trouble! That scientist whacko knew her!!”
“But she knew how to defeat those robots.” A blonde rabbit wearing black said in his accent. “If we do get more enemies, at least she can help us defeat them somehow…sort of like Tech.” he said. I tried to move again but I found myself coughing and something that tasted like metal came out of my mouth in a small trickle, it was blood.
“Hey! She’s waking up!”
“And spitting blood, gross.”
“Shut up Duck! She’s hurt what do you expect?!” they said. I went to sit up but gasped as the familiar green coyote grabbed my shoulder and placed me down again gently.
“Hey there, you gotta be crazy! You’re not well enough to sit up yet!” he said almost scolding me. I said nothing and laid back down again, I gasped as he went to wipe my mouth with a napkin but I wiped it away with the back of my hand instead. The blonde rabbit came closer along with a pink one and the orange duck guy.
“Hey there girlie, feeling any better?” he asked me. I said nothing as I brought the covers closer to my body; I finally could tell how I can feel the blanket almost everywhere on my body that I was partially naked. The lady’s eyes glowed neon pink for a moment and somehow I was starting to feel calm. The lady gasped and her eyes turned back to normal,
“Wow, no wonder she’s scared, you must’ve had one bad dream huh?” she asked me. I was too afraid to speak because she was able to see my dream but I nodded nervously. The guy looked back and forth from us and then looked at me and patted my head.
“No worries girlie! We’re not enemies! I don’t know if you know us but we’re the Loonatics. My name’s Ace.” He said. I cleared my throat a bit and smiled shyly.
“I-I’m Jessie McCoy.” I couldn’t help but notice the familiar coyote’s surprised glance. Ace smiled and pointed to the lady behind him.
“This is Lexi, and that green guy there is Tech, the loudmouth is Duck.”
“I’m not a loudmouth!!” Duck yelled as he threw his hands in the air. I gasped hearing ‘Tech’ and I looked at him.
“Tech….Tech E. Coyote?” I asked him. Tech stared at me and then smiled.
“Yeah…that’s me.” He said. We both stared at each other’s eyes, something we haven’t done since the blast two years ago. Duck looked at us confused and rolled his eyes.
“Oh brother, love in the air?” he asked annoyed. Lexi hit his head and patted Ace’s shoulder.
“Maybe we should give them some time to catch up.” She said in a whisper, me and Tech’s face flushed because we heard. Ace smiled and with a nod started to head out, dragging Duck who was complaining behind him. Tech was sitting next to me on the chair and I continued to look around, I was in a room on a couch. The room was huge though, with a TV too. It felt like forever since I’ve seen a real living room.
“So…” Tech said interrupting my viewing. I looked at him and he looked away nervously. “Um…thanks for saving me…and of course helping my team of course.” He said shyly. I looked at him and then smiled.
“It was nothing…” I said and felt pain in my heart. “It’s been so long…two years right? How was the blast?”
“It was terrible.” Tech said quickly as he rubbed his hands, looking down. “People screaming, rubble everywhere, buildings were trashed…a few died in the train station actually.”
“Yeah…two sub-trains crashed into each other during the meteor crash.” He said. We both sat silent and he then looked up at me. “My first intention was to find you…but I couldn’t…I was afraid that you were under some debris somewhere...and I found out that I…had these powers.” He said and looked at me. “So what happened with you?”
“I don’t know…” I said nervously and tried to remember what happened but the horrid dream was coming in my mind. I then remembered when I woke up.
“I woke up…and I noticed these weird tattoos.” I said as I help out my arms and then I placed my hand on my head and moved some of my hair revealing two black cat-like ears. “And these.” I said. He remained silent so I can finish my tale. I placed my hands down and I looked up at him as I fidgeted with my fingers. “And when I saw the date…it was the twenty second of this month…of this year…”
“You woke up three days ago?” he asked me in disbelief. We both remained silent and he looked at me with a smile and moved some of my hair away from my face. “But…you look just like you do two years ago…I don’t even think you’ve aged.”
“Crystallization.” I said unexpectedly making him jump. “Probably from the blast…many weird things have happened to us anyways…so how many people got powers? All in a 30km radius or just ‘lucky ones’?”
“I don’t know.” He said as he rubbed his head. “Many got powers…even people not from Acmetropolis.” He said. I said nothing and smiled as I rolled over since I was still lying down and I grabbed his hands. He looked at me surprised and I smiled at him as I tried not to cry.
“I’m just glad…that you’re safe…and alive.”
“Me? Look at you! You stuck your neck out more then once for me!” he said as he grabbed my hands and squeezed them. We both laughed, relieved that we were together again and that we were safe. Tech finally let go of my hands and he got up and looked at me.
“Oh yeah, a friend of mine when to get some pizza if you’re interested. And I’ll get Lexi to come in here to change your bandages ok?”
“Pizza?” I asked surprised. My mouth watered, I haven’t eaten in almost three days, but it felt as if I didn’t eat lunch. “What kind?”
“Pepperoni.” He said and then gave me a gentle smile. “Just like old times.” He said. I smiled at him and I tried to sit up which this time I succeeded.
“Hey are you calling me old?!” I asked with a laugh. He thought and shrugged. “Maybe.”
I knew he was playing, because I was two years younger then him. I stuck my tongue out.
“You’re still a pup!”
“And technically that makes you a ‘kitten’.” He said referring to my ears. I made a small hissing noise like a cat does when they’re mad and he almost keeled over laughing.
“Oh shut up you!!” When he left the living room, the lady Lexi came in and she looked back at me smiling.
“So, how did things go?” she asked me. I shrugged and she gasped seeing my ears. “Oh!! I didn’t know you had those ears!”
“Sorry, I was hiding them though.” I said and then looked at her and blinked a few times. “Hey!! You’re Lexi Bunny right?”
“Yeah, why?” she asked me as she took my covers off. I smiled and clapped my hands.
“You were the lead cheerleader in the Acmetropolis High right? I was that ROTC girl!”
“You were that Lieutenant?! Wow! Hi again!!” she said. I smiled happy that I’ve finally made another friend.

[Chapter 3 pt.1/2]]-END 
'This is the only chapter so far with A pt. 1 and pt. 2, due to writing blocks xP;; Hope you liked it! If you rate, please Comment!! C: '      --- +~[Vcld-J4M]~+
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