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This is my brief tirade against the mainstream media.
"Let me start by saying that the target of my criticism is not only CNN...so called...Breaking News, but of mainstream media outlets in general.  You are receiving my first email today because you are the first station that has pissed me off, so far.  What happened to the integrity of the news?  I have been watching your live news stream for over an hour now and all I have heard about is the "devastating" news from the Olympics committee and David Letterman's personal life.  Don't get me wrong, I will find it very hard to sleep tonight knowing that seven years from now some impoverished, chaos ridden city will get the privilege of hosting the 2016 Olympics, an honor that most definitely should have been bestowed on our PROUD country.  But hey, look on the bright side, at the rate we are going in seven years our entire country will find ourselves in the same unfortunate situation as the over populated slums of Rio de Janeiro.  Oh, and don't get me started on how my heart is racing to hear more about the women that Mr. Letterman is sleeping with and how he plans to fight off that vulture who tried to make a buck off his good times.  Please TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE!!!  But maybe it wouldn't kill you to take a little time out of your hardcore news reporting to mention the fact that our country is in the grips of an economic crisis with results that could be catastrophic.  Seriously, I assume you think the 30-60 seconds coverage you give of this issue in between the "real news" to be adequate, but I beg to differ!  Or maybe your responsibility for supplying current events to the American public should be more focused on the fact that there is evidence that our government has pre-existing motive to go to war with Iran.  How about a little something about the terrorist threats towards the U.S. that are supposedly taking place this month.  Not saying I believe it, but just because your station chooses not to talk about it doesn't make it possible for me not to wonder about it.  Well, thanks for the opportunity to vent my frustrations(though I doubt you will show any sincere concern for them) I want to end this by sincerely thanking you.  I thank you because while you  have not informed me, you have most definitely enlightened me of the realistic conditions of this great country of mine. 
Best wishes, peace in the middle east, and have a great day!"
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