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WDNH is about our planet our home our lives and how we are responsible for our own demise.
I have no idea why I even thought of writing this, may be its an interest or disappointment, may be i just want every one to realize what they are doing with their lives, their world, their home. but the most sensible reason behind it (as I have came to realize) is a question, a question that everyone can answer but none of them can answer it justifiably. This question is not isolated to any particular religion, caste, creed or ethnicity, in fact its not even intended for people belonging to any of the above folios, the question I am trying to ask is for humans only, this question doesn't care whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, it doesn't care whether you from America, Europe, Asia or Africa. This book is not about the god "god is just an entity for spiritual satisfaction of the subconscious mind". Its just not there in a physical sense.

But as I said its not about god, its about us humans as the dominant species of this planet, we need this planet to survive, to grow, multiply...but question is "Does The World Need Humans?". Every person I have asked, whether they are my colleagues, friends, family they all have different notion about it, some say we made technology, some say we created modern medicines and some even say they created life itself, but I say for whom "for themselves" not for the planet but for themselves for fulfilling their needs, we created automobiles for our own convenience, mobile phones so you could talk to your loved ones in weak asking how they've been, we created electricity so we can run television watch a stupid show every night or computers so we write something really vague like this in a blog and in doing so directly or indirectly consuming our planets natural resources....but the planet is not effected by it..oh no!!! this planet is here for billion of years withstanding the most destructive forces the universe had to offer, the planet doesn't need us to go on, we need this planet to survive...and some scientist think they can save the planet they lie what they are doing is saving their own filthy lives..

We as humans are no different than parasites, viruses we travel area to area, we multiply, consume the resources and when that area dies we go on and find a new host..what will we do when we finish of every last resource of this planet....find a new one?...just because your holy book says that "God created human in its own image" you started to believe that you are gods..I wonder who created the elephants or lions or dinosaurs for that matter...just because they can't read or speak our language doesn't mean they don't have any sort of language of their own and they don't seem to destroy their equilibrium, in fact we are the ones who trespassed into their territory and destroyed their habitat...this planet is alive its looming with life, its power is incredible, its rage is destructive, its anger uncontrollable...our planet with all its motherly love and care nourishes us she gave us trees to cool ourselves up in hot summer days, she gave us rain so we irrigate and provide food for the masses, water to cleanse our thrust....but just like a spoiled brat we just don't care...our planet calling us warning don't do this you are destroying yourselves...and we can't hear that why coz we just don't care.

We have global warming, melting ice shelves, rising sea levels, more typhoons, hurricanes, floods so many things to worry about but all we could think about for now is the stock exchange, people loosing jobs...even worse a human doesn't care about human of different ethnicity or culture...people would rather see another person die but they can't see another person of their religion killed by someone belonging another religion, people die for land, people kill for land...maybe they just need a reason to kill someone or rape someones wives, mothers and daughters in the name of religion and caste, white killing blacks, white raping blacks, black killing whites, black raping whites, Muslim killing Hindu, Hindu killing Muslims...IF THEIR RELIGION OR HOLY BOOKS TELLS THEM TO KILL SOMEONE IN THE NAME OF GOD...then there is no god..."GOD CREATED HUMANS IN HIS OWN IMAGE"...may god regrets that he created such a destructive species...
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