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by fyn
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For Writer's Cramp prompt of a Thanksgiving without all the usual foods.
Thanksgiving was hovering three days away;
there was no money for extras, what else can I say.
We'd been through the couches, old jackets and jars,
we'd searched all the seats in both of the cars.
The three kids and I found some change, it is true,
but I wasn't sure what seventy-three cents would do.

I was bumming, I was sad -- far more than each kid:
as long as they were fed, who cared what I did?
It's just a day, Mom--my son spoke out.
Don't need food to be thankful--said the youngest with a shout.
The eldest chimed in that turkey in her belly
was no more filling than PB and jelly.

We watched Santa Claus close the Macy's parade
and settled in to eat the feast we had made.
PB & J's, and an apple sliced,
a stale cupcake quartered, but at least it was iced!
Chocolate milk--a real special treat
and we shared why we were thankful before starting to eat.

Years passed and last year, sitting down to a feast
my grown up youngest said that maybe the least
amount of food at a Thanksgiving table
was when she she was seven, but it still makes her able
to appreciate the bounty she would enjoy today--
and was thankful for the lesson she'd learned that way.

Yet to this day, I feel it was I
who learned the best lesson and still do I try
to remember it isn't great food all prepared
but the family and friends with whom it is shared.
I've much to be thankful for, though again, times are rough--
Yet whatever we have will be more than enough!

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