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When I think of Jesus' life and death, so many questions come to mind...
You've taught me so much
of life and love and such
but i just want to know...

did You ever get the chance to laugh?
if you did, i bet it was
the most beautiful sound to hear

to see the corners of your eyes
crinkle up in happy surprise
maybe even with tears...

were You afraid of the pain?
when the time finally came
did You have any fear?

even knowing that eternity
was Yours already
You died to give it to me.

sometimes i feel so angry
at all You had to go through for me
it's unfair, but it's clear

You had Your reason - Your love
was stronger than the flesh You were made of
and it has not wavered all these years.

You still love me, the beautiful disaster
who wants to learn the ways of her Master
and keep You forever near.

please forgive me for what i've done
and rejoice with me - the battle's won
my heart, my life belongs to You
me and this world, we're through
draw me in, away from my sin
and never let me go...

i just wanted You to know...
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