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When you move to a new place you hardly expect to meet supernatural beings along the way..
Chicago's O'Hara Airport never ceased to be crowded. Not that Elisabet knew a lot about the airport. She had only been there two times prior. Both were to go on vacation, this trip was quite different. Instead of heading to some beach house in Florida Elisabet was simply going south. Mount Vernon, Illinois to be exact. Her cousin was located there, as well as her new home.

Lately her parents had become annoyed by their daughter's presence. Whether it be because of her attitude, personality, or beliefs. She simply was not good enough. Therefore, Elisabet was being shipped off to her emancipated cousin, who was apparently the perfect child in her parent's eyes. Not that Elisabet envied her, she in fact had always enjoyed her favorite and only cousin, Schuyler.

Schuyler wasn't as perfect as everyone believed she was. Elisabet's cousin was simply an amazing actress, and also clever. The perfect partner in crime; that was Elisabet's opinion.

"Well, good bye." Said her father in his oh-so-usual stern yet nearly unemotional voice. "Be good." Her mother, Caroline, added. Elisabet nodded and muttered a soft good bye. There were no hugs or 'I love you's. There never had been.

Without looking back, one thing she was good at, Elisabet boarded the plane. It was only then, when she took her first class seat, that Elisbet smiled in relief. Freedom at last.

The flight to Mount Vernon wasn't at all long. Perhaps boring, but that boredom lasted only a few hours or so. Just as quickly as Elisabet was on the plane she was off and making a B-line for her cousin.

Schuyler was not legally emancipated, but she had practically lived on her own for the past four years. Her parents were both high executives in a computer company a hour away in Fairview Heights. Because of this they had little time for Elisabet's cousin. Not that Schuyler minded. Since her grades didn't fall and she stayed out of trouble she could do whatever the Hell she wanted.

Schuyler wasn't anything like Elisabet when it came to appearance. While her hair was a sandy blonde color and she had a light tan Elisabet's hair was a lush ebony and her skin that of ivory. And while Elisabet's eyes were blue like the sky Schuyler's resembled the color of spring grass. But they were both unbelievably beautiful, and both only sixteen.

"Elisabet!" Schuyler exclaimed as she embraced her cousin. She was always an optimistic girl. Incredibly perky, too.

"Hey, Sky." Elisabet returned the hug and smiled happily at her cousin. "It's been to long."

"Way long!" Schuyler was practically jumping with joy. "C'mon, let's get your bags and go home." 'Home..' Elisabet thought to herself. A home without wardens, otherwise known as her parents, meant little to no restrictions. That simple thought spanned into an entire fantasy of what she could do her Junior year. Break curfew, not that the wardens would know, Elisabet could date freely, or go to parties. All the fun things that freedom brought. Elisabet could even drink if she wanted, not that she did, but now she was allowed the option. Just thinking of all the choices made her heart swell and made her feel just a little bit giddy.

"You'll love the loft, Elisabet. It is above the bookshop. Y'know, the one I told you about over the phone? I cannot believe mom and dad left me to run it!" Schuyler was always talkative, not that Elisabet cared. "Anyway, the loft is two floors. Our rooms are on the top floor. Jeez, you'll love it!" Again, she was almost jumping with joy. Elisabet could only nod and laugh at her cousin. Schuyler was so odd.

Elisabet and Schuyler heaved the heavy bags into the SUV. She really had no need for all this, which was mostly clothes, but her parents seemed to think otherwise. Four bags of designer clothes, one of hair products and cosmetics, and one other of books and random objects Elisabet found comfort in. Schuyler did not seem to mind the heavy luggage. She herself probably had twice this much.

After pushing the bags into the huge SUV Schuyler and Elisabet took their seats, Elisabet in the passenger seat, Schuyler driving. There wasn't much conversation, but what little was said was mostly from Schuyler. Unlike the flight it seemed the drive was taking forever. Whether it be because of the light drizzle that had started falling over Mount Vernon or Broadway, the street that ran through Mount Vernon, was simply far away. Whatever the reason may be, it felt like forever before the pulled into the drive of Schuyler's parents new bookshop. The building itself looked antique. The base was rust red brick while the floors above were paneled in thin wood. The front yard wasn't much of a yard, it was more of a large patch of grass surrounded by shrubs. In an odd way, the building was somewhat eerie to Elisabet.

"Yo, Elisabet? Did you hear me?" Schuyler's voice broke through Elisabet's thoughts. She jumped slightly, but quickly regained her composure and turned to her cousin.


"I said 'Help me with your bags'." Schuyler rolled her eyes at Elisabet and smiled before turning to grab two of the larger black backpacks. Elisabet quickly left her seat to help Schuyler with her belongings.

Within minutes the bags were out of the car and in the cozy warmth of the small shop. There was a musty smell, mixed with dampness. But that was the only indication that this was an old building. Its inside appearance contradicted its age, however. The books were all new and the shelves were aswell. The walls were recently painted a peach color and it appeared the wall paper was recently replaced. What was once probably wood flooring was now soft, pale blue carpet. The desk at the back appeared antique but was in pristine condition. On that desk was a stack of papers and a cash register, also antique. Everything was bright and the warmth in the room intense. Elisabet was so intent on viewing all the rooms delightful features that she almost missed the door that was settled to the left back corner. She could only presume behind it was the stairs, for there was none to be seen. However, as she made her way to the door, carrying three of the six bags on her shoulders, she discovered it did not contained stairs, but what appeared to be a lounge. Within this room was a large sitting room, fireplace intact. There were several couches and a small table near the door with two chairs beside it. Only then did she spot the staircase, which spiraled to the ceiling on the right wall.

"Hurry, Elisabet, my arms are cramping up carrying the weights." Schuylers voice came from behind her.

"Oh, sorry." Elisabet swept across the room and made her way to the stairs, eager to see what would greet her.

After Schuyler left Elisabet in her new room she instantly began to organize her belongings. Halfway through finishing that task she and Schuyler had dinner in the lounge downstairs. It consisted of rice, salmon, and broccoli, very delicious. It was when Elisabet began to head for the stairs that she heard the bell to the shop ring. A clear signal that someone had entered. Elisabet was beginning to ask Schuyler who it was when a man, well, more of a boy, walked into the lounge. He had shoulder length brown hair tied back and dark, blue eyes. He was a skinny kid and perhaps a few years older that Elisabet herself. The guy was kind of cute, in a creepy way. He had on very dark attire, including black slacks, boots, and a button-up vest over a black, long-sleeve shirt. In appearance he did not belong in this time, and though he appeared young his eyes were so old. Immediately Elisabet felt uneasy around him.

"Hey, Marrow." Schuyler said casually as she finished the last of her meal. "I will be out there in a few." She said as she went up the stairs. Elisabet saw the guy's dark eyes flickered to her before he left the room and went back into the shop. "Creepy guy." Elisabet muttered to herself more than to her cousin.

"Nah, Marrow is harmless. Perhaps a little antisocial, but a nice guy." Schuyler replied as they put their plates in the dishwasher.

"Who is he?" Elisabet asked curiously.

"Marrow Peretti. He goes to our school, helps me with Algebra few times a week. About that," Schuyler turned to Elisabet, suddenly serious. "Try not to disturb us, please? I kind of like him." She said softly. She smiled, but it looked a little forced. Weird, Elisabet thought. Of course she would not say that openly.

"No problem. I am busy anyway." Elisabet said, smiling back. Her cousin looked very relieved.

"Your the best!" Schuyler exclaimed as she hugged her cousin then ran down stairs. Elisabet couldn't help but notice that she took no Algebra book, calculator, or paper and pencil along with her.

Pushing that fact to the back of her mind Elisabeth ascended another set of stairs and entered a rather large livingroom that overlooked Broadway. She loved the scenic view of this place, even if all it showed was a large highway and several fast foods places.

After gazing out the ginormic window for several seconds she headed down a narrow hallway and entered the room on the left. It was mostly bare, with only a pile of disheveled clothes on the bed to indicate anyone lived in this room. She had gotten little done beside putting the clothes on hangers and into the closet and taking her hair products and cosmetics to her very own bathroom. So much more left, so little energy. Therefore, even when her body screamed to lay down and sleep Elisabet forced herself to finish this task. She was a known procrastinator and knew it would sit here forever if she didn't get over it that night. Fortunately, she left a lot at home, and it wasn't nearly as bad as she had expected. Within the hour Elisabet had her shelves and closet filled with odds-and-ends. She crawled into bed, exhausted. Tomorrow she would begin school. She would have new friends, new teachers, new classes. It would be an entirely new life, one where freedom was allowed. Elisabet smiled contently then drifted to sleep, knowing she would not be woken by her mother's constant nagging or her father's angry shouts.

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