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by Dave
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A story of salvation in Diablo form.
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She forsook innocence
and succumbed to passion,
withdrawing her defense
to follow the fashion
without understanding
what yen was demanding.

She sits staring into
a watery abyss
with no future in view
beyond the precipice.
After all that crying,
now, living or dying?

Shedding the bonds of guilt,
she’s ready to atone
and hopes trust can be built
as inner voices moan,
“You never count the cost
with all the choices lost.”

Reflections of her past
weigh upon her spirit.
She is now an outcast
but no more will fear it.
She seeks absolution
for her soul’s pollution.

She asks forgiveness there,
remembering her sin
and repenting in prayer
so healing can begin.
Conversion will take time,
but penance is sublime.

Let’s all pray with her, too.
Another time or place,
that sinner could be you
attempting to erase
blasphemy’s ugly stain
and stop all Satan’s gain.

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Author’s note: The name of this form along with the Satanic symbolism of its structure seemed appropriate for this theme of the devil’s attempt to capture a soul. The Diablo is six stanzas of six rhymed lines for a total of 36 lines with six syllables in each line. Here is an example by its creator:
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