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This is about missing him and he knows who he is
Missing  You

I'm really missing you; please tell me what to do
'Cause it's an unpleasant feeling; it doesn't feel to good
I just wish we could both be in the same room
'Cause I would really love to see you soon
To hold you so close to me
And make this dream of loving you into reality

I feel like crying, but that won't help any
Do you know a way to stop this? Well I know many
Maybe a hug, maybe a kiss
Maybe just knowing that I'm the one you miss
Thanks for telling me that I can depend on your poems when I am sad
Thanks for doing the best you can to make me feel glad

Those are the kinds of things
that help me through these hard times
I'm glad I found you and that you're so kind
'Cause a guy like you is really hard to find
Nights like this when I can't stop thinking about your smile
It's when I really start missing you for awhile

There isn't a thing that I won't try
Just to have you near by
But these are just words 'cause I just want to cry
But then I realize that there isn't a reason for that at all
'Cause I know you'll catch me if ever I do fall
And that no matter when, why, or where
If you let me know that you'll be there
I'll prove to you I really do care

I know that soon we'll be together again
And I will be rid of some of this pain
I really hope that our love will last
'Cause I've never met another guy quite like you in the past
It's really hard to know how long we'll be together
I don't know if it's for a little while, or if it is forever

But if it's not for life, then I'll understand
'Cause you'll make some girl very happy and that's being a real man
Just like you are and will always be
I really like you; I guess that's all I'm really trying to say
And if our feelings continue to grow this way
Then the day will come when I finally say I love you

And hopefully you will say it right back to me
'Cause that is just the way it has to be
But until that day comes, I'll be writing poems to you
That you can rely on when you're feeling blue
And all I really have to say is that...
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