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fear, pain, despare, redemption
Alone in these crowded halls I walk
Hoping that no one can see
Behind this twisted mask I wear
Into the broken vessel called me

I wander alone and hurting and lost
No one will reach out a hand
The voice in my head, it tells me
That I would be better off dead

Feed the hatred
Feed the sin
Feel the darkness grow within
It rules your life
It fuels your strife
All you must do is let it in

The voice in my head grows stronger
“The blade is the only way out”
It tells me the end will be better
Than wandering alone in my sin

The next thing I know I am empty
The voice that I heard is now gone
Replaced by the one and the only
The savior who now can control me

The savior just tells me that it is all right
That there is another way
That even a broken vessel can be made complete
That “there is salvation for thee”

So alone in these crowded halls I walk
Now I can see
All of the others who are hurting
The broken vessels like me
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