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Life in New York City after peace fails
Chapter 1---The Beginning of the End.

         It was the beginning of the end. A dense cloud of gritty dust permeated through the crimson night sky as Drake began to unfasten the lock that sheltered him from the outside world. He twisted the dial back and forth with weary fingertips that had been weakened over the past several months. After numerous fruitless attempts, he finally concocted the valid code and began to inch the door further and further ajar. The rusty titanium panel creaked and groaned in the frosty New York air as it was flung against the ground. Drake grasped the clammy handles of the iron ladder and anxiously ascended out of the lonely bomb shelter.
         He crawled out of the opening and collapsed upon the sea of dust where his home used to reside. He slumbered in a sense of high anxiety and awoke sometime later with a disturbed mindset.

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