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The Hill of Silence is a psychological theory I created about negative minded people.
This is a theory and system I personally created. I have a unique mind (like everyone) that is able to make extreme connections between subjects whether they are related or not. This is based around the theory of mental point of view. It is a theory plan designed to represent developmental stages in life. But, it is a very unique prospect that I don't think many psychologists have looked into that much. It is based around the conflict between light and dark. I suggest that neither the light or dark is good or evil. Too much dark can be bad but too much light can be as well. It's all psychological and I believe very much in point-of-view. The actual Phases of the Silent (though it may sound like it when read) are not STEPS to follow but are isntead PHASES which people go through in their entire life.

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The Silent is a term that refers to the silence of the mind and of the world around one when in deep thinking and imagination. The Silent is the imaginary world which children create when playing with toys, in the bath, or share with imaginary friends. This is influenced by the stages of development children go through and will forever impact their lives. Even as adults, childhood memories effect day to day interaction and relationship. Of course, this is all mentally based on the individual’s perception of reality itself. The Hill of Silence therefore represents all the stages of development through out ones entire life, not just childhood. This actually starts with the womb, not birth, and ends with death.

The theology of the Hill of Silence is designed for those who view the world in a darker sense, the calm cool mist of the night. Instead of interacting within the organized and systematic world that most people live within, these people live a life that could be seen as chaotic and unorganized- they live within a Other World. Because organized government and life is the opposite of the Other World, it represents the idea that everyone has the right to be free, to defend their selves, anarchy, the need even to be alone.

Chaos is one’s perception of reality and is a term that almost mocks the organized reality of the “Real World” which claims that order can be found within chaos. Therefore, the “Real World” is viewed as the enemy and the chaotic ones who destroy what is beautiful. These people are not evil as others might assume. They walk the exact same path of life just in the cool shade instead of the blistering bright sun light. Some might say that those who walk in the dark are blind. However, these people will strike back by saying that bright light will blind you and the shade will allow you to see.

This Other World view itself is the reality perceived by the individual. It is the actual darkness, the other world of which the people of the light and organization do not see. A child can comprehend the other world much better than an adult can. The Other World does not necessarily have to be dark but it is rather the world created within the mind vs. physical reality. Other worlds are created when one dreams at night or when a writer creates a fiction novel. Therefore, the difference becomes Optimism and Pessimism which although are not personality traits, does create different worlds. This means that good and evil itself is not personality but choice. I suggest that personality has a lot to do with happiness, good vs. evil, and optimism even. One personality type is more prone to be optimistic than another type. But, what creates a person to fall into a darker perspective isn't necessarily their personality but characteristics formed by life experiences. That is the difference in this theory. It explores the levels of development by looking at ones characteristics.

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The Negative Perspective

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Which kinds of photo do you like best: Color or Black and White; Positive or Negative? If you said Black and White or Negative then you’re on your way to being a Silent Minded person. Some people simply enjoy this perspective of life better; it does not make them any different or evil. Every day normal people live with this perspective of life but have it very balanced. Some people may even feel wrong or bad for viewing the world in these ways and keep it to themselves. However, this is only because society has dictated that Light = Good and Dark = Bad. Goths for example are viewed by Preps as being dark and evil and freaks. Well, Goths view the Preps the same way just as “bright” and “over-excited” and “freaks”. Is one right or wrong? Of course not, it is point of view.

The problem does arise in people who never leave their Other World and who never get out of the pessimistic thoughts. Because the other world is an escape world, many people who are Silent Minded are disturbed people (but not all!). Misanthropes possibly dwell in the Silent and Schizophrenics actually live in their other worlds. Children with a bad child hood often end up being Silent Minded as well. Therefore, the Hill of Silence has been designed as a view for those who are Silent Minded. The truth is, everyone is Silent Minded just some are more so than others. So, in reality, this is designed to show ones negative sides in life.

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The Long Journey

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We can begin our journey into the mind and up the hill itself. The Hill itself represents one’s life. The base of the hill which children rush to in order to begin their journey represents the first phase of the Silent. The Silent is divided into seven sections for each phase of life.

The First Silent: This phase is pre-birth and childhood itself, where the imagination begins. It is a confusing world and your first step into the world. You are ignorant of your past and origin but know enough to live within a other world. The world around you will dictate the future outcomes and will forever determine who you are. While in the womb, one is entirely dependent their mother. We are born with the idea that we are the center of the universe already in us because within the womb we truly are the center of the universe. A cord connects us to our sustainer which gives us everything we need in live. If these needs are neglected or immediately after birth the child is abandoned, we will develop the need for attention and the search for one to take care of us.We seek out to become the center of the universe even as it was before we were born. It's no wonder young children demand your attention. Even as infant babies are we still the center of attention although in a much larger world. If these needs are neglected while young then you can expect a very needy person in the future. At this stage we are too young typically to comprehend to do the opposite of what is presented to us and still learn by example. It won't be until later that this reverses. The other side to this is that if everything is completely taken care of for children they will grow up to be spoiled and dependent on others. Infant babies are already this way and have to be since they just came from a universe in which they were all their was. Since our own gender is all that existed in our world, the other gender may seem strange and alien and therefore the enemy.

The Second Silent: The next phase in our life happens as a preteen or teen. It is sexual exploration and the physical change of ourselves. It is extremely easy for individuals to go wrong here. One who is sexually abused or exposed to high levels of sexual activity will typically live this out in the future. It is also the stage in which we learn to do the opposite of what we are told and begin to learn the difference between good and evil. We want out own rights, our own way since we have just recently discovered that we are not the center of the universe. This can be hard to handle since that's all you knew but now must learn to do things on ones own. As a result, we become rebellious and ideas of anarchy seem very intriguing. Seems we now also recognize that the other gender is not our enemy but instead used for those sexual intentions, we become very interested in the other sex. Friends become very important in this stage too since you are freshly exploring worlds other than your own. If you were neglected your proper needs when younger, you may remain within your other world still and become antisocial, secluded, withdrawn, or other qualities. Sexual abuse can also turn one away from the other sex and trust issues can rise. These stages are important for establishing trust, social behavior, and sexuality. The best part about this stage is it is easily changeable depending on influences and social interaction. The bad part is that it is easily changeable depending on influences and social interaction. Because of this stereotypes are established and racial opinions are formed. People begin to migrate into groups who share their own world and are like them since they just got out of their own world, possibly. This is a very complicated phase and all the details of it can not be explained here as with the first stage.

The Third Silent: The third phase is based around early adulthood when one is starting to become mature and take responsibility. The feeling of knowing everything does come along with this phase as with the second but by this point one is highly influenced by culture but at the same time is now capable of making decisions and opinions on their own. The other world by know should be highly unused but those who neglected their needs in the previous stage may continue to live mentally within it. The other world by this stage is explored by books, playing games, hanging out with friends, writing in journals, music, and other ways that young adults may express themselves. By this point one usually wants to be independent. They want a car to go where they want, their own place to decorate based upon their world, and friends and family to be their with them all the time. People who neglected former stages could possibly not want to live separately but could still want that cord to take care of them. The fear of the "real world" becomes reality to face and this scares them. It's a very difficult stage to explore since it usually isn't a very long lasting stage. However, it is a very important one.

The Fourth Silent: The fourth stage is more of a continuation of the third stage. Most people are either still in college, still in a poor job, or still searching for a career at this stage. Early adulthood starts the exploration of the outside world by interacting with others equally and leaving behind social cliches by stereotypes but instead recognizes that everyone lives in the same world and that isn't theirs. Lifelong friends are met and made and even long term relationships are being made, that is, if you went through the past stages positively. If not, people will remain secluded and even become depressed. They may go from one relationship to another and will not know what they want out of life and career yet. Exploring the real world becomes more difficult and prolonged than normal even. Since this a transition stage, the choices you make are highly based around the knowledge of the third stage (and of course new knowledge) and directly influence the fifth stage.

The Fifth Silent: This is the all important adulthood. It is also the stage in which your life becomes balanced and organized, hopefully, for the first time. You are starting your life career, marrying the person you will spend the rest of your life with, having children, and much more. In this stage you now have the need to take care of others and children. You want to in fact share your world with others. Your other world is only found within your house by this point and between you and special people. Depending on your life, this varies majorly. I want to stress that life events are more important than anything. People have different careers because of different life events and influences from the past four stages. Depending on how you took those paths, you became either Silent Minded or Real Minded. Doctors fulfill the need of taking care of others, helping others, or just wanting to save a life. Writers wanted to further explore their other world as well as actors and directors. Stay at home people want to fulfill the need to take care of others or themselves as well. All of this highly depends on the path of ones life. If one is Silent Minded, they will typically hold jobs that require little interaction with others and may even be misanthropes. They also may have had unstable marriages, multiple relationships, may not take care of their children, or even want to live alone forever. This all of course once again depends largely on ones own life. No diagram, no theory can predict ones life with out knowing one's exact personality (all of them), exact characteristics, and all the events of ones life.

The Sixth Silent: In this stage, life has become long by know you are probably wise. Whether still working hard or approaching retirement, life is stable. The harsh real world has forced you out of your own and little traces of your other world may exist anymore. The only place it may exist is within dreams and memories. By now your children are grown up and starting their lives and your need to take care of others should be fulfilled. Instead, you want to relax and simply survive. Again, only your life can dictate this outcome.

The Seventh Silent: This is the final stage of the Hill. You are on the top of the hill looking down into the memories of your past and should be able to reflect upon them with ease. One who has lived a fulfilled life visit their other world in memories and dreams and are content about it. Those who have not often become bitter and protective over their space feeling as if they have wasted their other world on meaningless things. It is also the realization that their is no more climbing the hill, you can now only go down it. Often people revisit religious beliefs in hopes of finding meaning in life before leaving it. This is often done by people who didn't explore their other world often or religious beliefs. Suddenly, our wisdom becomes vain and we return to a childlike manner in hopes of finding the truth. This is highly dependent on the past levels. So much, that little can be predicted.

Final note: Not everyone gets through all of these phases. In fact, most do not. The phases do not have to be followed in exact order as well. Some may even skip entire phases but they will carry the weight of the issue the phase represents. Many people get stuck in the Second Silent, unable to let go of their past. They also can be sexually frustrated and turn to alternatives. Some don't even get out of the First Silent and are a child forever and never mature. Those stuck in the Third Silent typically are the dreamers who wish for the perfect relationship but never find it. They also can be stuck in honey-moon phase. They may never find who they truly are and feel they need someone to fill this gap. If someone is stuck in the Fourth Silent, they may never learn to speak up for themselves or stand up to their husband or wives. Giving discipline might be difficult for them.

Extreme Fourth Silent people become extremely social withdrawn. Extreme Third Silent people may never get married or live in a fantasy world. Extreme Second Silent people become sexually frustrated and could either end up has hookers or rapists. Extreme First Silent people are the rarest but they remain a child for the rest of their lives and never grow up. Typically, they lie about everything in life and often want or need a lot of attention. Sixth Silent people will know who they are and what they want out of life but may still be unable to forgive those in their lives who hurt them and if they do, they probably don't want contact with them. People in this stage can easily go through a mid-life crises and try to become a kid again. They may become very active with their children. People in this phase can be confused with First Silent staged people, however it is simply them looking back on their life and trying to make sense of it or even want it back.

Fifth Silent staged people are typically very family goaled and may be seen as finally getting their act together. People stuck in this stage typically want their children to live with them forever and never mind taking care of children. They also often try to make the most of life and are content with situations. "Extreme" Fifth Silent people will be like this until death. A negative to this side is the people will start to feel that life is too short and will try to make the most of it however possible. If this lasts until elderly aged, they are typically the elderly who do a lot of traveling and act younger. The Seventh Silent people want to settle down in their older age and live a quiet life at home. They are able to look back on life and be completely content with all that has happened.

So long our point of view of life is able to change, this is open to anyone in the world. Depression, anxiety, and even regret can cause people to fall into the Silent perspective. The details of Silent Minded people's qualities will be discussed in a different article.
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