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A story of love blended with the danger of overwhelming lust threatens the life of a girl.
Chapter One:

The tears trickled down my cheeks as I stared at them both.

Jayden and Leanne with their hands intertwined like to ropes knotted together.

A horrible feeling in my stomach seemed to suck all blood in my body.

I felt like nothing else existed except us three.

Somehow,inside me,something had been crushed to ashes.

Like the flames of jealousy had destroyed them.

The worst thing was,I already knew this was going to happen.

I had a sense of foreboding screaming that it was no use hoping for someone who doesn't want you anyway.

But I did continue my unrequited love.

So now I had faced the consequences.

And it felt like the worst thing that had ever happened to me.

Maybe it was because this was the first time I've felt like this towards any other boy.

Idiot,I chastised myself.

How could I have been so stupid?A guy like Jayden Leroux going out with me?Not in a million years.

But still it sent tears spilling down my cheeks.

Get a grip Katie,I told my self with utter harshness.

Somehow I wondered if my mind turns to mush every second I get old.

How could anyone hope for something so hopeless?

I saw him placed an arm around her and felt another stab of pain.

Irritation urged me to break them off one another and bury Leanne six feet under the ground.

Does God really punish people this way?

If He did I wonder if he ever felt that kind of longing us normal kids experience towards our crushes.Maybe I'm just an idiot for facing that kind of emotion.

I mean,it's Highschool.

Nobody takes these things seriously.If one person here swears that they think that their girlfriend(or boyfriend) will stay with them until marriage I swear I'll puke in front of Leanne.

With great gusto.

But somehow it still hurts.And I wished I were a numb and emotionless girl who didn't mind anyone but herself.And I wished I've never met Jayden.Or even existed.I broke out of my reverie as they passed in front of me.Jayden smiled at my direction and somehow I had managed to return it.I felt stupid and fake.Jayden and I used to be friends.Bestfriends.But since Leanne came to Crosswick High.Literally it became a nightmare.And I'm saying this WITHOUT exaggeration.

First reason is,she ,literally,stole my winning streak at the annual spelling bee.

And for some reason,everything I was good at was everything she was better at.

Spellling,debate,chemistry,drawing and even folding my tongue.

Talk about armed robbery.

Second was,almost every friend of mine was taken away from me by her.

Even those who I don't really have that special pull your heart out friendship.

And lastly(better yet worstly)she took Jayden away and acquired the thing I've been dreaming about since I met him.

I watched them walk away together their finger still intertwined.

Every sound in this hallway felt like a buzzing of a million bees.

The sun was singeing my hair making it redder than the shade of auburn my hair usually had.

Heat was plastered across my face plunging me into a dizzy stupor.

The horrible feeling burned a little.

Remnants of pain flickered its blade a little making everything worsen.

The sight of them looking at each other like some mushy lovebirds.

I tried to think of ways to ignore them and somehow the first thing that came to my mind was the library.

Maybe the forced silence could keep me from bursting to tears any moment soon.

I walked towards the library with eagerness I've never felt for a library before.

But as I faced the door,a slight moment of hesitation formed.What would I read?,I wondered.

Nothing about romance that's for sure.

Not a detective type.

Nor scientific stuff.

Maybe horror.With a smile,I walked towards the books I avoided most of the time.

orror wasn't exactly my type.Even reading.

But it was probably one of the things I needed to take my mind off things.

So I ran my index finger along a parade of books.None of them catching my eye.

Except one.

Revengeful Voodoo.

Somehow a strange wicked smile erupted on my lips.

I felt my heart throb fast as I picked the book off the shelf.This is going to be something that'll take my mind off things.And forget about it fast.


Hours ago,Ashford residence.

I sat down on my bed facing the mirror and surveyed myself with great insecurity.

My auburn hair was always dry and almost always tied in a ponytail.

And my eyes had the color of green that was ,somehow,too bright to be normal.

Maybe I looked like an alien to everyone else.

I gave an exhausted sigh.

Maybe this was the reason Jayden picked Leanne instead of me.

Because she's beautiful and better at everything than me.

Maybe I should feel like giving him up.

I could act like I wanted him to be happy with her.

But if I did,more lies would taint my already sinful soul.

Deep inside,even though I knew it was wrong,I wished they'll break up.

Maybe I'm just horrible or plain evil.But I knew what I wanted to happen.


The book was propped against a pillow as I sat in bed with a flashlight and a blanket covering me from dad's sight.

If ever he wanted to check if I'm still there.

Being a teenager was the toughest thing that had ever happened to me.

I scanned the book swiftly and found out about someone named Angelique Wickham.

She was a witch that had lived during the Cold War.

During the witch hunts,she lived underground and hid there until everybody forgot about her.

She continued studying Witchcraft during seclusion and had,to my shock,written this book I am now reading.

I rubbed my eyes in boredom.

Actually,I was hoping for a novel.

Turns out that the book I got was instructions towards wicked witchcraft.

I was actually pondering whether to use these on Leanne.

But I felt suddenly horrible.It wasn't Leanne's fault but Jayden's.

She wasn't the one who left her bestfriend.

Or replaced her bestfriend with someone you barely even knew.

A sight embedded on the pages of the book caught my eye.

There was picture of a white haired lady stabbing a boy with shears.

It made me supress a shudder.

Despite my hatred towards him,I knew deep within me the remnants of love remained.

But is that unrequited love enough for me not to get my revenge?

Somehow it made me shudder that I knew it wasn't enough to bottle my anger.

I closed my eyelids wearily,tired of all that heavy reading, and drifted of to dreamland,my mind horrendously disturbed.

Everything around looked white and covered with the falling snow softly flowing from the sky.

But the moon looked red ,like an eclipse.

Everything around me had the color of red and white.

I saw two figures drifting towards me,smoothly, as if they were floating.

Jayden and Leanne were smiling as they approached me.

Leanne threw her arms around me.

I felt my eyes widen as I pulled away from her grip.

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