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After the "near death" of my first born, I am thankful that I still have her in my life...
It's been ten years since my daughter's accident. She had gone with several youths and two chaperones of our local church to a retreat. This trip was brief, it was only for the weekend. On the day that she was suppose to arrive back from this trip, I had gone to work. Once, I arrived, however, I had the most uncomfortable feeling of my life. I was scheduled that day to work in the deli department of our local K-Mart, a welcome change for me, I was really excited, but my excitement would be short-lived. I had not been at work more than an hour when I began to experience what I would call a premonition.. I felt as if something wasn't quite right, and this feeling was powerful, it was an experience I had many years ago when my mother had gone out of town with a friend; (she had not returned at the time she was suppose to, and I was very worried, I sensed something was wrong, and it was) During my shift at work, I managed to "burn" five bags of popcorn, now how can you explain this? I kept calling home, asking my mother if my daughter had arrived yet. "No, she hasn't", was her response. I said "Well, she should have been here by now".  My mother tried to convince me that I was over-reacting, but I had to remind her of all those other times, when I knew something was wrong with my children, long before it was confirmed. I continued to work, but I wasn't really "working" nor did it seem as if I was "there". I was "floating", looking down on everyone, like an outer body experience. I needed a break, and badly. Several hours passed, and I was finally able to take a much needed break. Trying to relax and get my mind focused, I decided that maybe everything is alright, no news usually means good news, right? Wrong! I had just settled in, when my supervisor came rushing outside to summon me to the front. She spoke those dreaded words, " You have an emergency, your daughter is in a hospital, she's hurt". Instantly, I felt as if all the blood in my body had been drained. No, this isn't happening!! At that moment, I knew without a doubt, that this would be a moment, a day I would never forget. It was the beginning of the biggest fight of my life. The fight to save my daughter. I knew, that with her being in a coma, and suffering from serious head trauma, I would need all the prayers and spiritual guidence I could get. Today, my daughter is doing wonderful, she was saved, through the grace of God and the power of prayer. I am now a firm believer in prayer, for I know through experience and faith, that it does work. I also recognized another gift, that I have, and that is the gift of foresight, I know when something is not right, especially when it comes to my family. This is a gift from God,and I think most parents who are in touch with their spirituality and God, has these gifts as well. Because of my beliefs, my daughter has been re-borned, and I always tell her that she has two birthdays; the day she was born, and the day she was saved.
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