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Travel Review
Cosmos Mystery Area-Seeing is Believing
By: Victoria Forner


Imagine yourself standing three feet off the floor of an old, broken-down looking shack. You are on thin strips of wood nailed to the wall, and leaning forward with outstretched arms. You look like you are trying to fly. Common sense tells you that you should fall hard onto the wood floor, but you don’t. Something strange is holding you up. It is an invisible force. You literally feel it working against your body. Welcome to the Cosmos Mystery Area! Here in the Cosmos, balls roll uphill instead of downhill. You can sit on a wall. What kind of place is this? No one really knows, but it is fun trying to figure it out! Most likely this is a world like none that you’ve ever experienced before. The laws of gravity are twisted in this world. It is similar to a fun house, where the floors are slanted and it’s hard to even walk.


The Cosmos Mystery Area is located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Rapid City is part of the Black Hills region and it is extraordinarily beautiful. Pine and spruce trees reach toward the sky while wildlife plays in the woods surrounding you. To reach the Cosmos Mystery Area you must wander down a dirt road through the forest until you reach the Gift Shop. Even in the Gift Shop area, you can feel the presence of a special force. In 1952, two college boys were searching for a place to build a summer cabin when they discovered this area. The shack, which is part of the guided tour, was already there when the boys arrived. When they entered this general area, they felt slightly “unbalanced”. When they entered the shack, the feeling of being “unbalanced” greatly increased. They knew they had discovered something quite extraordinary. The boys camped on the grounds and investigated the shack and the surrounding area. They fixed up the shack to make it safer, and created demonstrations to show people how the magical force affects things. Soon they opened the doors to the public.

Not for Everyone

Unfortunately, this incredible experience is not recommended for everyone. Firstly, it is not wheelchair accessible or good for maneuvering strollers. The path leading to the shack is only 100 yards round trip, but it is steep and there are steps. The tour is only 30 minutes in length, but as stated previously, the path is steep and the strong force inside the shack makes it difficult to both stand and walk. Also, the shack is leaning, which alone makes standing more difficult. Secondly, the shack is not recommended for people who suffer from vertigo. When you are inside the shack you feel very strange. Some people compare the feeling to being drunk while others compare it to being on a spinning ride. It is a very strange feeling, but not bad enough to make this an event to miss.

Why Go?

It may seem to you that there are too many negatives to make this adventure worthwhile, but you would be missing a true natural phenomenon.  It is not meant for everyone, but it is meant for the majority of people in this world. People change heights on a perfectly level plane. Water flows uphill not downhill. Children as well as adults are amazed and in awe of this natural wonder. Nothing here seems to be as it should. As of November 2009, the cost for adults was only $9.50, and children 11 and under were free when accompanied by their own parent. It is truly a bargain! This is definitely an experience that defies logic and the laws of gravity. Scientists from many different places have come to this area and conducted experiments to try to determine what this natural force is. The answer is still a mystery. This Black Hills attraction is one of a kind, and is well worth the price of admission. For those of you who are willing to tackle this adventure, here is all the information you will need.
Cosmos Mystery Area
24040 Cosmos Road
Rapid City, South Dakota 57702
(605) 343-9802


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