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Rethink your life with all the people you get to know on your way.
There are things in life, that, although it seems that everybody owes them and knows them, are so rare no one can imagine them. Friends are too often just seen as what they are in fact - friends. People that cross my way more often than any stranger. Special people that I would tell nearly everything because I know it is safe within their mind. But way too often we don't really appreciate those we call friends. Think of the last time you thanked one of your friends or just gave him a hug. The majority would definitely say that the last time they did something like this was years ago, or so much the worse, they never did it. But what is it that doesn't show us how important these people are. What is it, that makes me doing things that not betray but disappoint my own friends. I love them, I know that, they should know it but instead of saying them or showing them I keep on disappointing them. And I think there will be a lot of people that act just like me, or I hope there are not too much.

Our world is falling apart, everybody sees it, everybody knows it and just actions like this, way of lifes like this one. Not appreciating your familiy, friends, world, seem to keep the fire burning. We should rethink our way of life. Why don't we just stop walking, watch our friend as he goes by and thank him. Enjoy his suprised look and his smile on his face. It is your own prize and it weighs more than any cup of gold or silver. Thats what this world lacks. It lacks the simple love of everyday people. Our globalism is no excuse for this, not even the possibilities to communicate simply in every corner of this world, at the most it is even more an opportunity to say thank you.

I beg you, do it, even when it is just one time you try it. There are a lot of people that just wait for love, and I do not talk about any everlasting cinema love, I talk of love. Simply love. It is way easier than you can imagine, don't let yourself be misguided by anyone that tells you, you have to wait for the one love in the world. It is anywhere, for sure, but there is a lot more love in you, for a lot more people. Stop being selfish and start sharing it. I hope you got my point, we can change the world, but everyone has to help me. Rethink your own way of life from a independent point of view. Watch yourself through the eyes of a friend. When you don`t feel the love yourself gives to your friend, try to change it. Anything will work better then.
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