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Small literary prose piece (Metazen)
Lost Off Crucial Point

The seashore by Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, may be the ideal place to break up.  Walking along that scenic coast, Cheryl smiled wistfully as she told dear Jon that they were through.  That he should, in fact, take the proverbial “long walk off a short pier.”

Being all too familiar with Jon’s sense of humor, Cheryl was not surprised when she turned away and heard running footsteps followed by a mighty Kersplash!  She guessed that Jon had not seen the dorsal fin of a Great White Shark swimming near the dock, as she had.  She did not look back to see the bloody, but brief, struggle she assumed would ensue.

(Jon, flabby 248-pound software designer, in the right corner.  Great White, mean 3800-pound fighting machine, in the left corner.  The smart money is on the Great White)

Cheryl did not see Jon’s head pop back up over the side of the pier.  (Great White Sharks are known to have an irresistible blood-lust, but that is not quite the same as an irresistable Kersplash-lust)  She did not see his wild gesticulations, although she mightn’t have been surprised to see those either.  Jon had a tendency to be melodramatic.

Giggling to herself, laughing for once at Jon rather than with him, Cheryl certainly did not see the #103 Lighthouse Express bus from Lunenburg to Yarmouth as it, and thirty-five horrified tourists,  flattened her as she crossed Rte 333.          
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