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by Myles
Rated: E · Critique · Entertainment · #1622619
My humble opinion of the release of the movie 'New Moon'
New Moon Premier Movie Review

         Females (and a random spattering of males) of all ages were lined up the entire length of the wall at the theater, giddy with anticipation of the movie premier ‘New Moon’, the second in the Twilight saga. The air was buzzing as they waited to lay eyes on the new directors’ vision of the book they all adore. With four hours before the film was to be released there was plenty of time to hope and build the expectation of the newest Hollywood version of Vampire vs. Werewolf, and the love triangle within.

         Greater than expected, the film exceeded my expectations of trumping the first movie, Twilight. The director, Chris Weitz, took the film to a higher level than his predecessor Catherine Hardwicke. The story line was a closer fit to the book and that in itself will win over the avid readers of Stephanie Meyer. Hardwickes gravest mistakes were straying so far from the authors creation, unnecessarily making changes that did not steer the plot line away, such as: names and the mere fact that Bella (Kristen Stewart) actually cooked for her father, Charlie (Billy Burke), not ate at the diner every night. Everything else aside, Twilight was incapable of convincing me that Bella and Edward (Robert Pattinson) were in love… I was convinced, however, that they seemed to have a deep loathing for each other and that Edward was more ‘hungry’ for her than in love with her. New Moon captured a better picture of their devotion to one other, but I felt that Jacob (Taylor Lautner) was a more tender lover than Edward. His embraces were more passionate and enveloping, how he looked at Bella revealed his desire for her. Lautner takes the cake when it comes to acting up against Pattinson. These actors had very big shoes to fill and Lautner with his sincerity and all his hard work in the gym, was the ‘more developed’ man/beast. 

         The special effects were more believable than Twilight, but still left a lot to be desired. But seriously, folks, how can Hollywood re-create the perfection of our minds capability to visualize from the written word?

         Over-all if you have not read the books you may not fully comprehend the complexity behind the love-triangle. So be prepared to be perplexed when it comes to why she makes the choices she does… it is evident and apparent in the book but too difficult to encapsulate on the big screen… if you are a true fan of the Twilight saga, get to the theater and support your author. New Moon is the eye-candy, complimenting the book without revealing the depth of the souls involved…

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1622619