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by Sierra
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All she wants is to be treated like a woman

AMY has a typical teenager’s bedroom; brightly coloured club clothing, heels and makeup litter the floor and bed. Posters of attractive actors and musicians, both male and female, and filmy scarves, hang loosely from the walls. There is a very feminine atmosphere.

A HAIR DRYER can be heard from an adjacent room.

The HAIR DRYER stops and its bulk is heard CLUNKING onto a bench.

Feet PAD into the room.


A Small CD Player sits on a nightstand beside the bed. A slender, pink-tipped finger reaches out and presses the PLAY button.

ANTHEM MUSIC crawls through the speakers.

AMY, an attractive blonde 18-year-old, with her thick dressing gown hugging her self-consciously, moves to her vanity table and plunks ungracefully in front of the mirror.

The counter-top is strewn with various flamboyant items of makeup. To one side is a framed picture of AMY smiling happily with a middle aged couple, her PARENTS, behind her.

She pouts her lips at her reflection and considers her appearance unappealingly.

AMY stands up and walks over to the bed. She sifts through the clothes until she finds a black, thigh-hugging skirt and a relatively modest sparkly top. She throws them back onto the bed, within easy reach.

She shrugs her dressing gown to the floor, revealing her naked back and slim figure.

Whilst still standing and still with her back showing, AMY slowly slips a pair of sexy black underwear.

She falls back into a sitting position on the bed and plucks a pair of stockings from beside her.

A Stocking slides over an arched foot and climbs her leg.

AMY turns so that her flat, bare chest and a slight bulge beneath her stockings are now visible. She puts on a bra and takes two silicone cups from her dresser. She slips these into her bra.

She then puts on the clothes she had earlier picked out from the pile. She slips into a pair of
high strappy silver sandals.

Looking herself over one last time, turning and making various sexy poses and faces, AMY leans into the mirror.

She plucks a pale pink lipstick from her collection and applies it expertly to her lips.

She brushes a strand of hair out of her face, snatches her evening bag from the vanity and strides gracefully out the door.


The main street is mostly deserted, except for a handful of PEOPLE making their way to various engagements. Shops are closed and unlit. The noise of DISTANT TRAFFIC filters through the air.

The CLICK of AMY’s heels along the concrete path echoes hollowly around the high buildings and empty streets. Her pace is steady and confident.

A CAR drives past and slows down. MEN hang out from the windows WHISTLING and CAT CALLING to her drunkenly.

TYRES SCREECH as the car speeds off into the night.

AMY looks away, pretending to be disgusted and disinterested. But a smile sneaks across her face revealing that she is secretly flattered and loves the attention.


LOUD DANCE MUSIC BLARES through the club. It is modern and edgy and attracts a young and vibrant CROWD. Strategically placed lighting creates random dark corners. Large groups dance, move and mingle in every available space.

AMY stands against a wall, with a table beside her. Her hand rests loosely on a tall glass with a neon coloured cocktail in it.

Across the room an attractive man, 21-year-old LUKE, catches AMY’s eye from across the room.

LUKE stands by the bar, chatting with a couple of friends. He is effortlessly stylish. He smiles at AMY and nods smugly, checking her up and down. He likes what he sees.

AMY bites her lip and glances away and then back again.

LUKE is still looking at her. He breaks away from his group of mates and makes his way towards AMY.

Leaning one arm casually on the bar, LUKE leans in towards AMY and WHISPERS something in her ear. His voice is drowned out by the music.

AMY tilts her head and laughs. She glances seductively at him, unashamedly batting her eyelashes


The table is now littered with empty glasses.

AMY and LUKE still stand at the table, engaged in light conversation. Sexual energy oozes between them, inherent in their movements.

With undertones of nervousness, AMY runs her fingers through her hair, smiles seductively, laughs pointedly.

LUKE’s hand rests is cupped on top of hers.

Under the table, LUKE moves his other hand to rest on AMY’s knee. He begins to move his hand up her thigh.

Startled, AMY shifts uncomfortably, moves towards LUKE, and hastily says something inaudible to him. She then stands and hurries away from the table.


AMY stands at the basin, washing her hands. She exhales deeply and pats her forehead with her wet hands. She is clearly nervous and in deep thought about the situation.

The CLUB MUSIC plays faintly. (O.S.)

She walks over to the towel dispenser to dry her hands.

Beside her, a GIRL AMY’s age is banging on a tampon dispenser on the wall and grunting in frustration. Her lipstick is faded and her eye-makeup is smudged. Her unsteady movement reveals her drunken state.

AMY rummages through her bag and finds a colourful tampon pack. She flips the lid and offers it to the GIRL.

The GIRL smiles at her gratefully, snaps up a tampon and dashes for an empty cubicle.

AMY returns to the mirror. She adjusts her bra over her top and smoothes back some stray hairs. She throws the pack indifferently in her bag and walks out the door.


As AMY leaves the bathroom, a hand cups her shoulder and wheels her around.

LUKE Pins her playfully against the wall and kisses her. AMY is startled but does not spurn his advances.

With lips still locked, LUKE moves his hand up AMY’s leg.

She gently places his hand on her waist.

Luke then proceeds to move his hand up to AMY’s breasts. AMY grabs his hand and moves it back down to her waist.

As LUKE brings both hands up her waits to her breasts she grabs them both and pulls away from his lips. She smiles playfully at him, attempting to diffuse the situation

LUKE pushes against her aggressively and pins her against the wall with his body. He brings his lips in aggressively but AMY moves her head from side to side, her face screwed up in fear. She throws him against the opposite wall.

As LUKE moves towards her again, his playful demeanor replaced with anger, a small crowd of CLUBBERS runs between them CHATTING and GIGGLING. The GIRL from the bathroom is among the crowd. She winks conspiratorially at AMY.

Startled, LUKE sinks against the wall angrily and glares at the group.

Using this opportunity, AMY runs out of the corridor.

LUKE notices that AMY has slipped away and punches the wall violently.


AMY Emerges hastily from the club, her air of confidence shattered.

Glancing around timidly at the deserted alley, she hunches her shoulder and hurries along the pavement.


AMY turns around to see what has caused the disturbance.

A dust bin lid spins on the concrete, REVERBERATING METALICALLY.

The alley has grown SILENT again and AMY sees nothing to explain the brief commotion.

She turns around again and a young. Masculine hand reaches out and slams her against the brick wall. AMY slides gracelessly to the ground, unconscious.


The room is unsettlingly quiet. A wall clock TICKS the seconds away hollowly. No natural light permeates the room but fluorescent bulbs FLICKER and BUZZ overhead.

A body lies on a slab in the middle of the room, covered in a white sheet. On one side stands the CORONER and a somber POLICE OFFICER. The CORONER looks aged and tired, but unemotional. He has already spent too many early morning in such situations. The POLICE OFFICER, rough and in his forties, attempts a look of more sympathy.

On the other side stands a tired middle-aged couple, AMY’s MOTHER and FATHER. Both of their faces are puffy and red from crying. AMY’s MOTHER leans weakly into her FATHER’s body. He holds her hand to his chest, with his other arm wrapped around her shoulder. They are both deeply upset.

The CORONER peels back the sheet to reveal AMY, cut and bruised.

AMY’s chest is exposed, revealed to be flat and masculine. AMY is physically a boy.

AMY’s PARENTS are both distraught at seeing their daughter lain out in front of them, battered. They show no disgust at her misalignment of physical and emotional gender.

The CORONER, however, looks away and scrunches his nose in disgust. He is obviously unaccepting of AMY’s life choice. The POLICE OFFICER attempts to maintain a professionally neutral demeanor but is still slightly set back.

AMY’s MOTHER draws in a STARTLED BREATH and turns her face into her husband’s chest. Her body shakes with MUFFLED SOBS

Her father does not cry but is still hurt and struggles to maintain a strong demeanor. But a single tear escapes and rolls down his cheek. He squeezes his eyes and a disgruntled distortion passes across his face.

Dropping his arm from his WIFE’s shoulders, AMY’s FATHER reaches a pale and shaking hand to tenderly cup her battered cheek. He lingers for a moment then tenderly rakes his fingers through her damp and matted hair

Her FATHER reaches for the cloth and draws it up to cover her chest.

He hangs his head and cries openly with his WIFE.
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