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by Jaiam
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A poem written to honor the American Soldier!
Image of an American Soldier!


They never brag, or boast, or seek
Out a stranger’s fleeting praise.
They have no need for such superficial things.
For these men and women of quiet courage, have felt
A "dragon’s breath," yet stood their ground, and nothing
Can compare, once you have stared "the dragon" down.
Once you have stared - death down.

The American Soldier!
We call them each by names as varied as
Their faces, and colors, and creeds.
But, it is their deeds that make them one,
That makes them brothers and sisters in arms.

And, it is their deeds that have kept us free.
Measuring in blood, the cost of liberty.
A price they have never feared to pay.
These heroes - who gain THEIR fame,
In the hardest and most selfless ways.

Few need fear them.
Like most others, they wish mostly for peace.
But, foes be warned, do not seek
To harm the folk and land they love.
Should you choose that path, know that there
Is no place in this world where you can go,
Where they can not and will not, follow.

And when they come for you,
They will speak with one voice.
It will not be tempered with politics, or diplomacy.
No, the voice will speak with quiet fury, and bring
A Great Nation’s justice, to you, the guilty!

Then, they will return home to those they love.
As the American Soldier, always does.
For it has never been about anything else,
But doing their duty, when called upon,
So other generations, not yet born, can live free.
And like all generations past, all we are and have,
We owe most of all, to them and the strength
Of the American Soldier.

Thank GOD – for the American Soldier!

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