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by Fitz
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Sometimes you're the princess.
She dangled helplessly from a rope tied to her waist and arms, just like a helpless princess. Her long brown hair dangled over her eyes hiding her face from the crowd of onlookers cheering and raising their various tools of death in the air, but not to me I saw her gaze over the chaos and under the entanglement that may have once been hair. Our gazes met and her smile appeared, cutting thought the chaos and muffling the nosies of the people around me and forcing my own smile to appear. I  trotted down the hill, like a hero to his princess and joined the crowd  watching her slowly spin as their leader rambled on waving his arms and yelling to the delight of the crowd. He cut her down, and with a dull thud she sprawled to the ground before being pulled up by her hair. The leader swung his gun to her chest and I snapped into action. I heroically whipped my revolver and fired two rounds, just like a prince pulling his bow taught. The shots left the barrel and flew to his head, like the fatal arrow beginning to pierce the dragons chest. They sailed on, though his hair and into the wall behind him. The leader ducked his head and pointed to me, I tried to squeeze the trigger once more, but I was dropped to the ground my heroic bow rolling into the panicked feet of the crowd; I strained my neck to look over the two men and watched the leader reposition his gun to her chest and fire, she fell to the ground like a doll tossed to the ground and a crimson pool started to encircle her. I started to scream, and furiously fought at the two men on me, I cried and cursed everything but God himself before the mans boot made my world black.                                        Not like the hero

I awoke to the sensation of drowning, I tried to struggle but my limbs wouldn't move, I tried scream but nothing came. Finally the darkness was pulled away from my eyes, The leader stood before me laughing and yelling into my face as he walked over to a table beside him, he picked up two rods who's heat blurred and curved the air around their searing red points. He laughed once again and began moving them towards my chest, I could feel my skin beginning to peel and my shirt beginning to burn with little black holes, as he shorted the gap between us. I turned my head, to bear what was about to come. Then
two shots
the heat in my chest faded and I looked up to see her brown hair covering everything but her smile. "Come on" she said "Lets get out of here".
                                                                                                    Just like the hero.
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