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I wrote this about Rosalie. Hope Stephanie Meyer would like it.
I can't get enough of Twilight. This is how I feel Rosalie's life should go. This is my own writing and views. I just love Rosalie and I will be writing as her.

*Flower3* *Flower4* Renesmee grew up or should I say she looked eighteen in five years. She married Jacob. Yeah. Him. Werewolf. Wet stinky dog.He makes my girl happy. That is what counts. I raised her more then Bella and Edward. Renesmee calls me Mom. I love her dearly. I get bored with being a vampire. I told Emmet I was going to college in Seattle. I was going to pursue my dream of being a Fashion Designer. I was tired of moving and going to different high schools. I talked to Carlisle and Esme and they paid me for to go to college in Seattle. Emmet stayed with the Cuellens. It is just as well. We saw each other on weekends and sometimes during the week. I was busy studying and I made straight A's. I was a Fashion Designer in three years. Men asked me out all the time and other women were jealous of me. I love my life. I will never age.

*Flower4* *Flower5* I survived on packets of blood that I got from Carlisle. I don't like hunting animals. I took a job in Seattle. I missed Emmet so much. I missed Renesmee and Alice.Since Bella came along, I am no longer close to Alice. I loved my job designing clothes. I flew to Paris to Fashion Shows and my designs were number one. I didn't see my family much. It was killing Emmet and me. I got to work with a handsome man named Tanner McFadden. He was a Fashion Designer and I felt feelings for him that I only felt for Emmet. I was so lonely and I fell for Tanner. I still loved Emmet but Tanner was there. So Tanner and I made love all the time. I was thinking of leaving the Cuellen family and have a normal life with Tanner. I was still a vampire. I would hide it from Tanner.He wined me and dined me. He told me I was his Princess. He offered me marriage. I was in Heaven. I wanted Tanner. I almost forgot that I loved Emmet.

*Flower3* *Flower5* I found out that Tanner was stealing my designs. He didn't love me. He used me. I heard him laughing and talking trash about me. I was hiding in his closet. I came over to surprise him and I hid in his closet in his living room. He had three business associates in his living room. He called me a whore. A beautiful dumb blonde. He was just like Royce. How could have I been so stupid? I stayed in his closet until everyone left. He didn't know I had been there. I felt like a trash and I had a broken heart. I didn't let Tanner know I knew that he had been using me. I bit him while we were making love. He was so shocked. I told him I was a vampire and I could kill him or make him a vampire. He pledged undying love to me. I laughed. I bit him right in his male parts. I loved him hearing him scream. I killed him. I wasn't going to let him be a vampire. No way. I was in a mess. What do I do now?

*Flower4* *Flower5* I called Carlisle. I told him I was in trouble and I needed to see him. He came to help me. I told him everything. I was so ashamed. Carilisle doesn't judge or lecture He hugged me and told me he loved me. I was one of his daughters and he would always be there for me. I cried as he held me and begged me to come home.He disposed of Tanner's body with a formula that dissolves dead bodies. Everyone thought that Tanner had disappeared off the earth. Few people knew about mine and Tanner's relationship. I have the power to make humans forget. All humans forgot that Tanner McFadden ever existed. I quit my Fashion job and went home to Emmet and the Cuellen family. Emmet doesn't know about Tanner and I. Carlisle and Esme know but they won't tell. Esme and Carlisle are the best parents any woman could ask for. Esme loves me more then my real mother ever did. Alice and I have become close again. Renesmee and the wet stinky,dog werewolf visit me and Emmet often. After Tanner, I see things in a new light. Bella and Jacob aren't so bad. They are family. I feel ashamed. To think I almost left the Cuellen family. They are my family and I will never stray again. Emmet is my soul mate. I will never forget I am a vampire. I design clothes for my family and me. I am content with this. Life is good after all. Vampires and family are everything. I love being me. Humans suck.

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