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This is a poem about a girl's life turned upside down by being molested.
A girl of only 12 years old, still innocent and kind;
Had hopes of being a model someday, floating through her mind.
They said she was the pretty one, her sister made the grades;
Her looks would take her far in life, her beauty wouldn't fade.
After her time at modeling school, she hoped for a big career;
This quest would be a simple one because she showed no fear.
A runway job came very fast, clothes would be her wage;
She stood up straight, took her pose, then walked to center stage.

A few weeks passed without a job, she was feeling a little down;
She made a call and asked her friend if she could hang around.
Friday she went to her best friend's house and planned to stay two days;
But when she left the very next morning, her life had become a maze.
Tragedy took control of her life, her innocence replaced by tears;
Her friend begged her not to tell anyone and she didn't for 16 years.
She screamed in her head and wept in her heart, but no one heard a sound;
The only thing anyone noticed was that her smile became a frown.

A few weeks later, a phone call came, there was a modeling job at the fair;
Her Mom said, "No, you've changed baby girl and you don't even seem to care."
Fear consumed her, distrust ruled her, she would never again be the same;
She begged for the courage to scream out loud and name who was to blame.
But weakness took over and she buried her secret deep down to maybe forget;
Instead, her soul, so empty of life, is filled with sorrow and regret.
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