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by Jaiam
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1623893
A poem about making up for lost time.

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I remember all the times, you went
Walking with me in a field of wildflowers,
Beneath a sky of sapphire blue, and
With the sunlight shining down upon us.
And now, I regret my never telling you,
All the things I’d always meant to.

Believing you, already mine,
I kept waiting for, the “right” time.
I always thought that there’d be time,
To go walking with you hand in hand,
In that field, that seemed so far away,
From all the pressures of those days.

But, if I had known back then,
We would soon be parted,
For so many, many years,
I’d have said, the things I should
Have said, could have said,
Always meant to say, and it might
Have helped change - everything.

Who though, can ever know,
What their future really holds?
Events which you can not control,
Can conspire to divide you, and drive
You, far from what it is, you really want!
It seems, that is how it is, and has
Always been, with love.

And, that is how it was with us, as we went
Our separate ways, chasing other dreams.
We even tried to love again, but,
What other love could compete,
With a love that had grown so deep,
We both missed it, more than anything.
Both still needed it, more than anything.

So, now after all these years, my love,
We find ourselves back here, my love,
In that same field, my love, with its wildflowers.
Where, beneath a sky of sapphire blue,
I, at last, am telling you,
Things I think you’ve always known, but
Should have been told – so very long ago!

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