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Learn proper comma placement.

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In this fun class, you will become Masters of the most commonly used
(and abused *Blush*)
punctuation mark in the English language.

Does a comma ALWAYS go before a conjunction?
Do commas surround a Non-Essential Appositive?
What's a Comma-Splice?

In 6 short weeks, [*Left*Why is that comma there?]
learn the surprising answers to these questions
and many more.
The Comma Queen may even throw in a Merit Badge or two!

*Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*          *Cool*

*Burstv* WARNING *Burstv* WARNING *Burstv* WARNING *Burstv* WARNING *Burstv*
This is an intense class with detailed information including many aspects of English grammar associated with punctuation. The forum is used as a virtual classroom. Hands are raised, and questions are answered and discussed constantly. Vital information passes through the forum daily. We all need to stay as current as possible with each week's topic. If you feel you are unable to participate at least three days a week in the forum discussions, do not sign up for this class.

*Reading*  PUT THE COMMA IN ITS PLACE!!  *Reading*

The 2018 Spring Term of
Comma Sense will begin
Friday, May 4th. 

To register for the next Comma Sense Class, click on the link below:
New Horizons Academy Registration Desk  (E)
New Horizons Academy Course Registration Instructions and Form.
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[NOTE*Exclaimr* The registration page will not be accessible until around
9:00 a.m. on
Sunday, April 29th.]

This is a popular class, and it fills up quickly,
so you should register as soon as possible.

To learn more about  New Horizons Academy and the courses offered,
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Instructor:  Winnie Kay   *Smile*
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