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lol i used every title character
Type 1: Mother
The Mother is an extremely procreative inhuman enemy which you must kill, or nothing will stop the constant flow of enemies ravaging your world. Even in the well-known variant, the Hive Mind, there is a strong sense that a maternal bond overrules any human-like mental faculties in spawner and spawned alike; indeed, this even applies to instances when the villainess simply "re-births" pre-existing entities as her slaves rather than actually birthing anyone.

Type 2: Big Sister
The Big Sister is an extremely competitive enemy which you must kill, unless she kills you first. She is so named because, as your ultimate opponent, she should be similar yet seemingly superior. Often, this character must be denoted as the villain somehow, either through character (ie. self-destructive or suicidal insanity, inhuman greed or callousness) or character metaphors (ie. subservience or slavery to dark forces, being some sort of inhuman creature such as a clone or robot).

Type 3: Ex-Girlfriend
The Ex-Girlfriend is an extremely pragmatic enemy which you must kill, to avenge a past wrong and reclaim your dignity. This wrong is usually a theft, which is easier to make into a video game; betrayal is not uncommon. She is often assisted by men, in which instances it is more than frequently implied that they are her dupes (further implying, it seems, that you were such a dupe once). A wily villainess, she must be doggedly pursued and cornered, or she will slip away (which she frequently does).

Type 4: Little Sister
The Little Sister is an extremely powerful enemy which you must kill, simply to stem the tide of destruction. She is generally given some kind of great and mysterious power, as well as some form of invulnerability; however, these assets also prevent this character from fully understanding the significance of her actions. She is so named to emphasize her immaturity, and is rarely faulted for her shortcomings; in most instances, you must somehow make contact with her, so you can inform her of the consequences. Usually depicted as a ghost, which admittedly fits the character well; but could also be something more ambitious, like a personification of disaster or oppression.
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