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HIV counseling seeks to reduce acquisition and transmission through the following,
Tests for HIV can be determined by a 20 minute test called the OraQuick advance rapid HIV antibody test. This test is given at a local Aids Services Organization (ASO) the protocol is as follows, the counseling is client centered, HIV counseling seeks to reduce acquisition and transmission through the following, information regarding HIV transmission and prevention and the meaning of HIV test results. Clients should receive help to identify the specific behaviors putting them at risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV and commit to steps to reduce this risk. During this time a sample of small blood or an oral swab is taken from you and then put into a small vile, In twenty minutes, you will have your results, A negative result means that this test did not detect HIV antibodies in your blood or oral fluid, however, in some cases HIV infection cannot be ruled out completely, If you recently ( within 3 months) have been exposed to HIV it may not be detected, This is because your body can take several months after you are infected to make HIV antibodies.
The term Window Period is used for the purpose of identifying the time between HIV infection and the time it takes for a person to develop antibodies. If a person has been exposed to HIV it can take up to 6 months to develop antibodies. Antibody tests are recommended after 3 months of exposure. Most people develop HIV antibodies in 6-12 weeks after infection. It is rare or unlikely that it would take longer than 6 months. Antibody tests are extremely accurate.
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