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Few know the agony of waiting.
For those who serve and those who wait

For those who serve in far off lands,
the duty call is clear.
But there are those behind the lines,
who wait in constant fear.

The forward front is where they fight,
and others hide in pain.
But in the rear the constant dread,
will drive them half insane.

A terrible wound or sudden death,
a price that many pay.
And back at home the hopes and prayers,
will fill another day.

For those who wait in guarded fear,
and trust in honest prayer,
The thoughts of those at danger’s door,
is something they all share.

The cause is just and the reason clear,
for those who serve and bleed.
They offer hope and happiness,
for those in desperate need.

But those who wait with silent prayers,
for heroes to return,
Have fought their war at freedom’s door.
with tears that often burn.

For those who serve in far off lands,
in pain and lonely fear.
And for those who wait in desperate hope,
for those they love so dear.

On this day we all should pray,
that peace will set things right.
For those who serve and those who pray,
that God will hold them tight.

Happy Veteran's Day
From Oldwarrior

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