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An explination why we still need imagination, even if we aren't kids anymore. C:
When you were little, you loved to watch cartoons right?
You loved to play with your favorite toys, and pretend that you were a cowboy like Woody right?
         Or a spaceman like Buzz Lightyear. Or you would pretend when you would go to bed that your bed was a huge mountain.
         Or that your bathtub was the under the sea place where the fish and plants all played an instrument and played in harmony.
         You would pretend you were a pirate, and climb to the top of a tree to see the endless sea that lay beyond your ship.
         Or even you’d play ‘Ring around the Rosie’ and keep on playing it until you couldn’t tell where the sidewalk was and your head started hurting.
         You’d go into the rain and splash in its huge puddles, expecting to be sucked in, into a world not to far from the same world Alice went into.
         Pretending that you were the driver and you would race against the other cars.
Or even trying to slay the dragon that was behind or under your bed so that you can not only finally have some sleep at night, but to be rewarded by the princess and her father the king?
All that sound familiar don’t it?
                                                 But what stops us from doing the similar stuff now?


                                                           How we look at life and see it as it really is?

I still see no reason why we can't use the same imagination that we used years ago. The very same imagination that would make anything fun and distractible, ’cause now at this age [in the teen age] without our electronics we’d be bored out of our minds. We need to use that energy that we stored away in our minds. We need to dust off those ‘old records’ and put them back into use.
                                       It might sound “Immature” but I mean, with the imagination we packed away into the back of our minds we can do a lot of things.
         We can race airplanes on our bikes to see who truly is the fastest.
                   We can make weird pictures appear in clouds, puddles, or even blades of grass.
         We can grab some chalk and make our own connect the dots using the cracks on the sidewalk or maybe the pebbles that lay there.
                   We can dance with the armies of fireflies that pass us by on a summer’s night.
         We can climb on top of the monkey bars and pretend that the monkey-bars itself is our fortress…our kingdom on top of the tallest mountain.
Or we can go into a clothing store and play dress up once in a while, or maybe go to a jungle gym and pretend that we were warriors of some kind and we have to break a record of how many times to run around or run through the obstacle.
         Think what you want, immature or not we still need to use our creative side. Many people depend on computers and technology for creativity these days. But even back then when there was no cell phones or computers, back in the time of Shakespeare and before that they have the same ‘machine’ that has the same creativity as we do now.

Our imagination……
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