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This is a piece written to demonstrate feminine rhyme... =)

Touching svelte fur of a pussy-willow,
soothing tranquil purr of a resting kitten,
watching jiggle, wiggle found in a bowl of jello,
single snowdrift and one lone mitten…

These are things we may quietly ponder,
as our paths in life take us yonder to wander.
Innocence vanquished while making a living
in a world gone mad with irrational giving.

Hope for revival in the final battle,
good overcoming evil by pounding gavel…
Friendships renewed, we vow not to rattle
to be on the top --- king of rock crushed to gravel.

King of Kings triumphantly enter, extending
real peace to Your scorned but Holy people
and wrath upon those who brought woe, demeaning --
reputations undone in a moment of cleaning.


Poetic Devices 101 - Lesson 6 - Feminine Rhyme

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