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This is the First Chapter of a Gothic Novel I Wrote for English Language A-Level 2009

“It was long before the History books started for you that we first came about. Before your religion we walked, before your evolution we stalked, before your life we lived. For millennia we had always satisfied our chronic thirst without hindrance from others, but as you increased in numbers and thus strength it was through our thirst that you forced us to roam the darkness of day, banished by the order of your mortal gods, forcing to prey on those who strayed into our sinister domain.

Without mercy we stalk you, we hunt you, we feed on you, we satisfy our cravings, only to commit the unspoken truths, that are denied to you, buried under the foundations of your ‘church’. This is as an account of our fighting survival and to illustrate to you, our existence.” – Nøtt
It was the icy encapsulating darkness that formed an almost sinister and ill-fated night. The subdued aroma of dirt, pollution and sweat tainted the blood of man rather than seasoned it. It was on top of the prominent, lifeless, uniform structure that bared the engraved characters of ‘T-o-w-n H-a-l-l’ that Lucinda and I prefer to base our operations of the dark day. Providing an exceptional view like no other structure in the centre, it resides as the perfect location to stalk and rest.

Casting my tormented eyes to the streets below, I watch every soul passing by feeling what they felt, feeling what they are, feeling there thoughts as physical properties, some creating horrors to which I cannot describe more than a tear to an eye. Fixating on those who carry the sent of innocence, tracking there every move. One step, then another I watch as every muscle contracts and relaxes in their body, every hair standing up as they feel someone is watching. Only to be distracted by a sudden physical contact on my right. As I cast my eyes in the direction of the contact I noticed that Lucinda was gripping my arm like a cold steel vice. By my own doing I had entranced upon her appearance, of what you call of an almost demonic fashion. Cast lifeless and firm as if she was a statute, she stood tall with pale, with ghost like skin, drenched shoulder length black, silky hair and fiery, soul capturing blue eyes. Cast around her neck rested a crimson Ribbon suspending a cast iron Celtic cross, decorated with a blood red ruby in its dead centre. Resting upon her slim curved, body resided a black and red-laced corset embodied with different insignia, with black linen ‘combat’ trousers and dark leather buckle strapped boots dominating her lower half.

Fixated upon her, I slowly shuffled myself towards her, raising my hand to caress her cold, soft cheek. Still lost in her eyes I brought my other hand to stroke her hair as if it was the black fur of a panther. As I drew ever closer with my lips I began to taste her scent, a scent ravishing with the sweet fragrance of crimson passion, a passion of thirst. As my lips slowly collide with hers, I begin to at last realise the extent of her desire, hers moistened with heat and passion were enough for me to know what she had seen.

         From her position upon the rooftop she had targeted a young couple heading towards a secluded street, across the grey and lifeless city between them. It had been decided, that this couple was about to become witness to our existence and victim to our thirst.

As the young couple headed down the dimly lit Morte Street within the heart of the city, the two night stalkers by the names of ‘Lucinda’ & ‘Nøtt’ had already entered their vicinity. With each step taken by the couple, their fate drew closer and closer.  Noises of knocked glass bottles and crying cats erupt from around them. As the noises cease, they both stop and start to listen with almost instant timing, like rabbits nervous about a predator near by. As deadly silence consumes the street, the darkness encircles the couple as if they had been sucked into the outer limits of space. Cautious of their new hostile environment they begin to panic, the tall, slender, tanned male beings to create a self-sense of security, checking over his shoulder with almost rhythmical intervals. His partner a much more tanned, petite lady to his left begins to shake and seek the comfort of her partner to settle nerves. The air becomes stagnant, carrying a cold and bitter sense, as the silence draws on it becomes thicker choking the couple as if they had been cast to a new world, a world with little need for oxygen. The streetlights of an orange radiance dimmed as the fate was drawing near as if to hide from evil or pain.

As if through a dense fog two humanoid shapes emerge, gradually approaching the couple. As the young woman catches sight of the encroaching silhouettes, she lets off a high pitch scream, quickly followed and subdued by her palm. The young male remained static under the light, fear overthrew his façade of confidence, as if the rabbit has strayed into the headlights of a car.

“Who are you?” the young woman quickly without thought, dispersed in the direction of the encroaching silhouettes.
A few seconds past, before a female voice with a demonic tone replied, “We are the Alpha and Omega, we are all but none, its not who we are, but what we have become!”

I chose my target, fixated my eyes upon their innocence, extended my implements of thirst and moved towards them. As I caressed the young mans neck to the side his artery had just started to register the threat and began to retreat inside him. I thrust my mouth around his neck and constricted my jaw forcing my implements to pierce his pigmented flesh and continued to chase the arteries down the rabbit hole. The immediate flurry of the red nectar draining from his body had finally, for one life filled moment subdued the thirst and allowed me to feel as I had many centuries ago.

As both Lucinda and Nøtt relinquished their grip upon the now lifeless couple both races retained a similar white, ghostly pigmentation of the skin, as if they now were one of the same. Within a few minutes the two night stalkers had dissipated into the darkness, light had restored to the drenched street revealing an overlooking Cathedral of Christianity.
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