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Home improvement channel that has changed my life!
I Want My HGTV, I Need My HGTV, I Love My HGTV

My husband has threatened to put a block on the HGTV cable channel.  Thank goodness he is “technically challenged” and would have no idea how to accomplish that task.  But, it has caused many conflicts in our household.

The Home and Garden Television channel is where I get all my improvement and decorating ideas.  (He might add the word “hare-brained” before decorating ideas.)  It has become my main source of divine design intervention and inspiration.  I see it as the ultimate guru for fixing my home decorating dilemmas and as the keeper of all my future home improvement projects.  He sees it only in terms of dollar signs and more work around the house.  I see added elegance and function in our home.  He sees dollar signs and more work around the house.  I see increased value of our home for future resale. He sees dollar signs and more work around the house. 

HGTV can take credit for such home improvement projects as an added flagstone patio in the back yard of our former home; new ceramic tiled floors in our current home; a remodeled kitchen and three remodeled bathrooms, one as recent as this past winter.  Color, Color, Color.  HGTV has inspired numerous painting projects (focusing on adding elements of “feng shui” into our living environment), garden design, craft projects, and furniture purchases and placements.  For the most part, I am the one who puts the projects into motion and I do much of the work.  He is the one who has to do the things I can’t reach or that require more muscle.  Hence, his dollar signs and more work around the house mentality.  Me – inspiration; Him – dread.

I have learned so much from HGTV.  Did you know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses and that visitors form opinions of your home within the first few seconds of entering the place?  Also, new homebuyers look for such things as gas cook tops, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances.  AND, a big rule of thumb is to never underestimate the value of curb appeal!

He has learned that these things mean money and time.

Because of HGTV, I have added words to my daily vocabulary such as de-cluttering, pergola, texture, color palette, hardscaping, accent wall, ceiling medallions, staging, architectural details, crown molding, and tray ceilings.

He thinks I made up most of these words.

To help me with my divine designs, HGTV.com offers a free newsletter and online “how to” videos.  I was recently inspired by the video on how to lay your own hardwood floors – do not use darker shades for smaller rooms and always buy a little more as there are bound to be a few mistakes.

Lately, I have developed this urge to learn how to build things out of wood.  Wonder how he is going to take that news?
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