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Winners announced for 2013! Now closed for the season.
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It's That Time Again!!!

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WELCOME to Reindeer Roulette!

Need a gift idea for that special someone? Are you a Secret Santa? Do you just want a chance at winning fabulous prizes? When are prizes NOT fabulous, anyway?

You play by buying "spins" for your giftee, or for yourself. Each spin costs 1000 GPs. You can buy them anonymously, or not, by using the following form:

 Reindeer Roulette Spins  (E)
Use this form to purchase Roulette chances!
#1625608 by Robert Waltz


As for prizes, well... in the spirit of the Season of Giving, most prizes are SECRET! One lucky Winner will take home the Jackpot, which will be the total GPs raised by Spin purchases (minus the house percentage that WDC takes off the top for survey responses, PLUS any extra GPs generously donated). Consequently, the Jackpot won't be known until the game's over!

Other SUR-PRIZE Packages may be won, as well, provided by generous donors all over WDC. I'll be updating the total number of Packages available below. As the Game progresses, I'll periodically reveal one Prize Package, at random, so you can get a peek at what's available.

Reindeer Roulette will run until NOON (WDC time) on December 24, 2013! After that, all remaining Prizes will be revealed and I will hold the drawing, using Virtual Dice to simulate Spins, with each roll selecting a Spin which will be assigned to one of the packages below, in order. (For example, if there have been 100 Spins purchased, I'll roll the Dice to come up with a number between 1 and 100. The person holding that Spin will be assigned the first available Prize below.) Prize donors have until January 6 to fulfill their promised Prizes!

NOTE: Due to time constraints, I may not get around to rolling the dice until later in the afternoon or evening on December 24. But noon is the cutoff time. Any Spins I get in my email with a timestamp at 12:01 pm or later will be ignored, with GPs nonrefundable (they'll still go to the Jackpot).

PLEASE DONATE Prize Packages to Reindeer Roulette using the following form (remember, you can donate just about ANYTHING - there's no minimum or maximum limit on how awesome the prize can be):

 Reindeer Roulette Donations  (E)
Use this form to donate a Prize Package to Reindeer Roulette!
#1625653 by Robert Waltz


Big thanks to ✍ LEGER ✍ for the Secret Santa activity and the above graphics!

DISCLAIMER: It should be obvious, but just in case - this is ROULETTE. Most Spins won't win anything at all, and sometimes you'll get the equivalent of socks or a rock. You pays your GPs and you takes your chances. No refunds. Got a problem? Talk to my friend, Guido.


1-2 OOT™
3 Storm Machine
4 Brandiwyn🎶
5-9 Solivagus
10-14 NaNo Mumsy
15 Shanachie not quite NaNoing
16 Jedi Moose
17-18 Robert Waltz
19 Lorien
20-22 Jay (*still* away for a while)
23-25 Dawn Embers
26-28 Storm Machine
29-31 Inky
32-36 Fi
37-41 blue jellybaby
42-46 Elle (she/her)
47-51 Rhonda
52-56 🌑 Darleen - QoD
57-61 Jeff
62-66 Elle (she/her)
67-71 Kimelia
72-76 Kate - Writing & Reading
77-78 Paul D
79-80 ~ Aqua ~
81-82 pinkbarbie
83-87 Bikerider Happy Turkey Day!
88-90 scorpialex
91-95 ElizabethHayes-SummerMistress
96 Fran 💜 💜 💜
97 Elle (she/her)
98 Fi
99 Life's a Beach... says Joey C
100 blue jellybaby
101 ~ Aqua ~
102 gardengirl
103 Earthenware_Haven
104 Angus
105 PatrickB
106 lizco252
107 Jimminycritic
108 ~ Santa Sisco ~
109 Jellyfish
110 Intuey
111 KingArpod
112 The Shane-O-Mac Attack
113 NaNo Mumsy
114 Rhonda
115 nangwaya
116 williampadgett
118 Christine
119 CJ Reddick
120 Marci Missing Everyone
121-130 Nixie still a one-winged bird
131-132 ⭐Princette♥PengthuluWrites
133-134 Paul D
135-136 Inky
137 OOT™
138-140 Marci Missing Everyone
141-145 Elle (she/her)
146-148 ~A.J. Lyle~
149-153 Joy
154-156 OOT™
157-166 GERVIC
167-171 Elle (she/her)
172-176 Marci Missing Everyone
177-181 Robert Waltz
182-183 OOT™

And now...



# of prizes: 31
# of Spins: 183
Virtual Dice: First roll wins Prize Package #1, and so on through to 31st roll winning the JACKPOT!
(To view results, enter Item #1625672 (this item) into the Virtual Dice page and look for 2013 results)

Prize Package #1
50,000 Gift Points
Robert Waltz
WINNER: 172 Marci Missing Everyone

Prize Package #2
3 Reviews (You name them)
10K Awardicon for my favorite
Genre Appropriate MB
🌕 HuntersMoon
WINNER: 123 Nixie still a one-winged bird

Prize Package #3
Five short story reviews, and a 10K Awardicon for my favorite
WINNER: 112 The Shane-O-Mac Attack

Prize Package #4
500 GPs
WINNER: 71 Kimelia

Prize Package #5
4 tickets for "Invalid Item
WINNER: 113 NaNo Mumsy

Prize Package #6
50 GPs
WINNER: 93 ElizabethHayes-SummerMistress

Prize Package #7
1 short story review
WINNER: 138 Marci Missing Everyone

Prize Package #8
1 ticket for "Invalid Item

Prize Package #9
50 GPs
WINNER: 7 Solivagus

Prize Package #10
A "Seasons Winter" Merit Badge
WINNER: 133 Paul D

Prize Package #11
10 tickets for "Invalid Item
WINNER: 52 🌑 Darleen - QoD

Prize Package #12
A winter merit badge for yourself and a winter merit badge for a friend of your choice
WINNER: 85 Bikerider Happy Turkey Day!

Prize Package #13
5 Poetry reviews from the winner's portfolio, plus 10,000 GPs
Crys-not really here
WINNER:143 Elle (she/her)

Prize Package #14
Review of a picture book OR children's story OR the first two chapters of a YA novel
Crys-not really here
WINNER: 177 Robert Waltz

Prize Package #15
50 gift points
Valerie O
WINNER: 40 blue jellybaby

Prize Package #16
100 gift points
Valerie O
WINNER: 153 Joy

Prize Package #17
100 gift points
Valerie O

Prize Package #18
250 gift points
Valerie O
WINNER: 107 Jimminycritic

Prize Package #19
500 gift points
Valerie O
WINNER: 104 Angus

Prize Package #20
1000 gift points
Valerie O

Prize Package #21
Three short story reviews, 10 K and under. Or, any combination of stories or totaling 30 K
Rating no higher than 18+ No erotica, please
Three merit badges of choice ~ one for the winner and one each for two of the winner's WdC friends
Nixie still a one-winged bird

Prize Package #22
5 Fiction Short Story or Chapter Reviews; No Erotica
1 MB of my Choice
1 2,000 gp Gift Certificate for Leger's Sig Shop
5,000 gps to spend as you like.
dejavu_BIG computerprobs
WINNER: 141 Elle (she/her)

Prize Package #23
1 Angel MB and I poetry review
WINNER: 53 🌑 Darleen - QoD

Prize Package #24
1 Magic Genie MB and 5k in Raffle tickets from Current Raffle
WINNER: 27 Storm Machine

Prize Package #25
5 Chapter Reviews from "Invalid Item
5k Gift Certificate to "Beyond the Pond Images
5k in raffle tickets to current raffle
~A.J. Lyle~
WINNER: 60 Jeff

Prize Package #26
An MB of winner's choice
LostGhost: Seeking & Learning

Prize Package #27
A mini shower from "Invalid Item
LostGhost: Seeking & Learning
WINNER: 130 Nixie still a one-winged bird

Prize Package #28
10 reviews (poetry and short stories, no erotica or fanfiction) and a 10k awardicon to my favorite item
WINNER: 64 Elle (she/her)

Prize Package #29
10,000 GPs
NaNo Mumsy
WINNER: 48 Rhonda

Prize Package #30
A 10k gift certificate to "Invalid Item, donated on behalf of "WDC Addicts Anonymous
Elle (she/her)
WINNER: 170 Elle (she/her)

JACKPOT: *Dollar* Total GPs collected 194,561 *Dollar*
INCLUDING over 20,000 GPs in anonymous donations!!!
WINNER: 51 Rhonda

Thanks for playing, thanks for gifting tickets, thanks to all generous donors, and I hope to see y'all here again next year!
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