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by ashoo
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The 'other' woman at a party.....
I stared at him across the dimly lit room. Easy laughter and soft music in the background. Soft clinks of wine glasses. Mellow mood and romance in the air.

I watched him from afar, talking to the woman. His head bent towards her, whispering something that made her laugh. A private joke between couples perhaps? The woman threw her head back and laughed, her right hand holding the wine goblet, her left absently playing with her pearls around her neck. A gift from him perhaps? He whispered again into her ears, drawing her onto the dance floor. She let him guide her, his arm around her waist, gently tugging her toward him and beginning to sway to the music.

A man approached me to dance, and I waved him away, creening my neck to not lose sight of the couple on the dance floor. Were they even aware that they were being watched? The couple, in their own world, private messages passing betwen their eyes, promises of passion to come later that night.

I stared in awe. Is this how couples in love look at each other? The touch looks different, the glances are different, the body language is different. Love changes everything. And all I could do is watch.

He bent down to kiss her and I had to look away. A private moment between couples in love. I felt like an intruder, violating their privacy with my voyeurism. I had to leave, I could not bear to watch anymore. My husband with his lover.

And I knew right then,  that I was the 'other woman'.
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