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"...egos are...wounded soldiers serving a hapless, cowardly tour of duty..." - a poem.
The awesome G-force of an exhilarating twister,
A fierce, mind-numbing roller coaster
Swerving to dip, then corkscrew,
A marvelous, enjoyable ride
Causing alarming discomfort
And ultimate satisfaction.
Enjoying a crisp, refreshing soda
Or an icy, flavored fruit drink
With some sticky, delicate cotton candy
Seems the life of the theme park,
As we fully appreciate the fine concessions
And exciting games.

But love is definitely ours,
Judging by our power to forgive,
And placing a humbling check
On our already over-sized, inconsequential pride.
Our egos are but one of billions of countless,
Wounded soldiers serving a hapless, cowardly tour of duty –
The equally amorous and soulfully engaged persons
Whom we meet with, work alongside,
And cavort with on a daily basis
Becoming as popular, nit-picky, or lonely
As blessed folks can be!
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