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by ashoo
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Nobody knows you like an old friend does..
He was waiting for me at the same spot in the park as he does always. Dressed in the similar manner he  always is.

The smile on his handsome face, the mischief in his eyes and the casual way he leaned his hip against the tree showed me he was ready to tease me.

"Late today, arn't you?" he said. "Did your father have another one of his anxiety attacks?"

"As if you didn't know that?" I replied, with a cross look on my face. "I want an answer, and I want it now!" I said firmly.

"I can answer your question , but do you understand the question you are about to ask me?" he said cheekily.

"Let's walk while we talk. I have been standing here for a while now, I need the exercise"he said, as we started strolling in the park

Exasperated,  I said in a soft whisper, "Why do people suffer diseases? Why can't they just die in peace?"

He smiled and said, "In suffering, there is growth, and learning. Everyone who suffers will remember their suffering and grow from it. Death is always peaceful" he smirked.

"Okay, answer this question. Before a child is born, the mother and the family have nine months to prepare themselves for the birth, Its a joyous time for the entire family. The anticipation, the excitement. In the same way, why are we not told a few months in advance that we are going to die? Would'nt that prepare the person, the family and the rest of the world for their departure?"

"Mmm. Interesting question." he said.  "Tell me, if you were told you were going to die in a horrible accident in a week, would you not forget to live the rest of the week in love and laughter? Waiting for death, your last few days on earth would be wasted in thinking about all that you could have done, instead of cherishing all that you have!.Think about it, does'nt that make sense?"

I smiled at him. "You have an answer for everything. "

"Its almost time, and you were late. Same time tomorrow?" he asked

"Yes buddy" I replied, walking away.

Some call him Jesus, some call him Krishna, some call him Allah and some call him Buddha.

I call him God. And yes, we're old friends..
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