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by ashoo
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Every one wants to be a Socialite...
The Smiths' party was in full swing. The creme de la creme of Manhatten was there. If you were not invited, you were a nobody. Ladies draped in finest gowns, men in their dapper suits, Tiffany, Cartier and Swarovski glittered on every woman's throat, ears and hands. Yes, the party of the year. The highlight of the evening being the brief visit of Madam Gigi, New York's finest and richest socialite.

Every woman wanted to be Madam Gigi. Her grace, her poise, her voice and demeanour was envied by the gentler sex between the ages of 16 and 80. The papparazzi let the world know where she went, with who she went and why she went to wherever she went. The envy of every woman, yes.

Every man wanted to date her. Speculation was rife when she was photographed with so and so, wondering if he is 'the one' Until she was photographed with yet another man. Bachelors fell over themselves to date her, bed her, try to wed her, well, at least be seen with her!

And this evening, she was due at the Smiths'. There was a nervous twitter in the air. Mrs Smith spent hours earlier in the week, trying to buy a new dress for the evening. Designers were brought in to outfit her. Colours that compliment her ruddy skin. Styles that hid her gargantuan hips. Hair stylist that made her look like Medusa when in fact she was almost bald. The effect on the night of the party was stunning! Why, she looked almost like a socialite herself!

Mr Smith had himself some botox shots injected to mask the lines that creased his face like parchment paper. Perhaps he would need to spend time in close quarters with Madam Gigi. His dentist could afford a new office after the amount of money he paid for his new bridge. He must, after all, smile at the socialite all evening.

New staff was hired for the party. Food and alcohol only from the best caterers in town. Music and flower arrangements taken care of by the priciest event management company in the city. Yes, the party was set to rock.

Guests began to arrive, one by one. Each couple wondering if She had  already arrived.

"Don't be silly Basil. She will make an entrance a couple of hours later than the rest of us" said Mrs Hay to her husband.

"Do you think I look fat in this dress" asked Mrs Jones of her husband, who conveniently was deaf.

"I hope my diamond bracelet is sparkling more than Mrs Knight's" lamented the countess to her escort.

"They say her skin is flawless" remarked Mrs White to her daughter.

Half an hour later Madam Gigi made an entrance. Oh how exquisite she looked! A more beautiful version of Ingrid Bergman. Blonde well styled beautiful hair. A black gown studded with pearls enveloped her slender figure. Her breathtakingly beautiful face in minimal make up. Emeralds and diamonds adorning her neck, ears and wrist. A vision from heaven. The oooohhs and aaaahs were clearly heard and a hush fell upon the party as she was escorted around by the newly 'bridged' Mr Smith. Grinning from ear to ear like a ventroloquist doll, he introduced her to the other guests.

Mrs Jones whispered to her husband after Madam Gigi passed by "I just have to join that expensive weight loss clinic. And you jolly well pay for it!"..Her deaf husband quielty agreeing to what she said, more out of force of habit than agreement.

Mrs Knight remarked to her escort "Why dont you get me jewellery like that? Looks like I have to go back to my husband for it!" The escort silently thanking Madam Gigi for that.

Mrs White scowled at her daughter and said "Now do u see why I ask you to not eat junk food?? Look at her flawless skin! No more burgers and fries for you". The daughther scowled back, hating Madam Gigi.

An hour later, Madam Gigi whispered to Mrs Smith and bowed her head to the guests and started to make an exit.

"She has a banquet to attend at the Ambassador's house" said Mrs Smith loudly to her guests. Everyones ooohhs and aaaahs echoed again.

Madam Gigi's limousine drew up outside and she got in gracefully waving a goodbye to all. Her million dollar face and smile driving the papparazzi crazy.

"Is it too late Jimmy" said asked her driver once inside the car.

"No Madam, you still have half an hour" he said.

They made it to Fletchers Rent-a-costume store just ten minutes before closing time.

She came out from the store in her jeans and tee shirt, hair under a baseball cap.

He drove up to the cheap motel and stopped the car. " You will return the car, won't you Jimmy" she asked. "Yes madam. Dont worry about it." said Jimmy. "And madam, what about my........."  " Give me a few more days Jimmy, put it on the tab in the meantime" said Madam Gigi. He smiled sadly and said "Very well Madam. Good night."

She waited until the car tail lights disappeared and then got into her room.

Only then did she allow herself to tremble. And allow her tears to fall.
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