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Personality traits you should never leave lying around to get trampled.
Confidence – do you realise how expensive and difficult it is to repair after it has been left lying around? Trampled, kicked, beaten. Confidence is one of the things you should keep on your person always; losing it can cause to you miss all sorts of experiences and exciting adventures. Confidence can lead to better opportunities such as great jobs and interesting friendships, so take care to keep it intact, and if it develops a breakage that you can't mend yourself, taking it to a professional to be repaired is a prudent thing to do.

    There are also a few other valuable assets you must keep safe; sure, take them out occasionally to show and use, but never forget them or leave them lying about where they can be damaged or stolen. One of these is pride, the knowledge that you are a good person and that you always try to do everything to the best of your ability. Over the years, your pride might occasionally slip out of your hands but a few knocks and dents will heal over time, even faster if you keep it safe, next to your confidence.

    Friendship is a wonderful thing and must be treasured above all else. It can be like a chair, comfortable and reassuring but can easily be damaged or burnt by a flaming word, or even just by being neglected. Your friendship should be taken out and inspected regularly and any nicks and scratches carefully repaired. Sometimes friendship needs to be updated so you should look at it carefully, and as often as needed, to see if it could stand some improvement.

    Don't forget your manners; keep them safe in your purse or wallet, bringing them out for every conversational transaction or social activity. Manners qualify you for bonuses and discounts in every facet of your life. Dropped, forgotten or mangled manners might not only lead to embarrassing moments for your family and friends but can lead you into trouble when you are pulled over for speeding or negotiating any contract.

    Tolerance is also important and should be kept neatly beside your friendship. Tolerance leads to greater understanding and new views of the world. Everyone respects those with tolerance and you will find that you will be able to breeze through life with new allowances for others opinions; gaining acceptance in all quarters of society.
    It may seem like a lot to be carrying around with you and it can be a temptation to leave some behind occasionally, but you will find that your personality assets will pack into a small package that takes up barely any room, in fact, they seem to be subject to a sort of space distortion where they are much smaller than they feel and look.

    If you think that a part of your personality is a liability, maybe it wouldn't hurt to leave that one sitting on a park bench and look for something to replace it with, there are so many to choose from. Everybody could do with a bit more kindness or tact so you might like to find one of those to add to your collection. Treat your personality traits as assets and never allow others to gain control over them for a happy life that will keep friends around you and keep your life on track.

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