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Stream of Consciesness
According to professor Peter Kreeft, author of "Socratic Logic", and also a "translator"/Filter of Aristotle an outline of the mind can be constructed out of the words apprehension, judgement and reason. The culminating act of apprehension(from the latin word prehendere to seize) is definition. Once one has defined something, there remains a universal common ground by which men are able to communicate also in propositions and arguements, indeed this is the phenomena of language(Walker Percy) and man's distinguishing characteristic, his specific difference. Unlike a "mosquietoes" as St. Thomas says, which is impossible to know. However, this element of "reason", this distinguishing characteristic is often blurred and slurred in man's mind, and ipso facto, this would seem reasonable, subjunctively speaking, speculating that man really did indeed hold this unique position in the universe for he would then not be able to see the very thing which he was holding without difficulty. If man is essentially rational, then his reason is a part of him, and a further dissection of the matter would only spoil the specimen. Therefore let us be full of care in our examination.

J. Henry Fabre says that "after copulating the female mantis devours her mate". This sentence can be taken in two ways. Hanc sentencia in duas partes aut dupliciter capta est.

First as a scientifical observation. Fabre is examining the behavior of insects in order to understand their "nature". As a man, he is apprehending the natural world around him. He is then apprehending the "change". It is his reason which allows him to do this. As the Linguist says in Absens in Universa, "Language in and of itself is phenomenal, ie Helen Keller 1885 Alabama," Unlike the communicative audible noises which other sentient beings make, the Language of man, is supernatural to man as is seen purely by its "extension" and complexity. Consider the five aspects attached to one latin verb and the three to one noun. Then read a novel that way.

Secundo pars: This sentence is artistically and uniquely put. It describes the phenomena of substantial change(which does have an underlying) between two insects conjoining in one exoskeleton, and the extraordinary process of eating which is the closest and commonest activity of man associated with the "will" and "appetite".

It may be said that much of the vocabulary thus introduced requires sufficient explanation. However, do not say, "Aristotle knows better than you" for an appeal to personality or superior knowledge per se is an accident and detracts from an individuals capacity for thought at least if developed in a theme. It is either a lazy man's stance(status hominis puerilis pigri) or that part of character in man which desires control. Both of which are something like contraries or converses to "play" and the separateness, indivualness of men from God. Remeber the primary function of language as the Linguist says is "communication". It is a mediary, median, mediator, and mark of men. Why is not he blessed virgin invoked with specail attention to such as she is the "Mediatrix" and "Theotokos" as well as many others. Cur non ave Logotokos?

Homo puerilis piger; Cave ennuitatem and the malaise. In both happiness which is always taken with a douse of sorrow is defined by negation. The propinquity for holiness is thus delayed and abandoned. Any accident which slips past this false screen becomes a piece of information in Rambam's law. Quae dicta est ut "Any piece of information used for something in particular will eventually be used for something else." Only disciple and holiness contrasts with this. Mane tempus hoc. Carpe diem. Nunc aut numquam. All of these are true solecisms. Thomas in his writings has all the pleasure of hearth and hart. (See Chesterton) Unlike Defoe's Crusoe whose only companion is Friday, a solistically impaired native, Thomas has all means to controlled rythym. Pychology is not even a thought. Scienciae cogitates ut abortio,( in ventre, ex ventre,) in mente eius non intraverat. Sex is not the only means of "reentry"(the Linguist) or also a dead sun(Lawerence,....Hyperbolically states that sexual behavior(OR Marriage, indisoluble and pro-creative) ought to be like rays of sunshine since it is one of the fountainheads of our existence. This is why the latins and French gave gender to their nouns. Also rather than building a beautiful relationship with the word of God(He who knows scripture knows Christ) social security numbers are attached to an indiviual's phsche(See results of this in Till we have faces). See also when Psyche becomes measure of Phsche, The House becomes the measure of House. Odysseus is the head of his house. Without him drones multiply like tumors(suitors) and are only squelched. Play and all good movement is stifled. Perhaps The son of pain should not have raped his house leaving only the skeleton, but as Marcus Aereilis says, "Anger even though it is not good should come before a man is overcome by (mellifluous) pleasure". Unecessary distractions must be terminated. Play is absolutely necessary.

The "sacrament of bachelorhood" primo quod intendit. Quamquae complicatio ad angustum insanitatis inanus est. Consciesness is inconceivable. Don't forget that wonder. Listen to Marcus Aurelius. A young man driving a car gets pulled over for stopping suddenly at a stop sign(it aroused the cops suspicions) and then he doesn't get into the turning lane. The cop pulls him over as if he had anything better to do. He asks him his name, date of birth, phone numbers, social securirty numbers, eye color and weight. Almost none is given back including ssn and license. The cop takes an hour making out the pink citation, and writing things down. The court date is determined and by the who judge. The fine is only fifty because the young man's seat belt is on. The car could have been confiscated as "stolen", three hundred fined and the young man thrown in jail subjunctively speaking. Two weeks later he shows up in court and pleads(Nolo contendere is not the same thing )guilty but the judge tells him if he had his license in court everthing would have been annuled. Justice is later defined by green stickers on license plates(whcih have to be renewed everyyear or you are fined). Look and behold the justice of modern man. Absolutely no speech about any common good ensues. The cop acts like a robot with his deliberations, and the young man merely affirms his presence. If man is an assumption his consciousness becomes a hideous ingrateful cave. That government is best which governs least.

Physcology, the word of the soul, as a threat to socitety pins the soul of man to a corkboard and takes a peek inside. Once the abyss between a man's soul and reason is torn, wrent, there becomes a need to fill the gap with anything...and anything is often placed inside. A little bit of dog poo in the brownies might not taste like anything but would you still eat it? The result is a balance often only found by leveling an individual's Phsyce...or an endless approximation but self destroyting to the degree it is achieved(kant) C.S. Lewis gives the analogy of constantly setting up a card castle and watching it fall down. Per se, a person either is or isn't the measurement of himself. "A person in not a person no matter how small"...is both false and true. Man can become degraded when his capacity for humility and joy become annilated. Per se this is difficult to do, but per accidens, where is the straw that breaks the camels back? As a profession, Phscology is degrading to the rational man. Men in a barbaric society such as todays tend to lean on it when there sense of the mysterious and reasonalbe becomes clouded. Either extreme humility, a holiness, only will let a man live(satisfactoryily to himself) or a playfulness. The two are closely related. In play, an individual hears himself, but the nature of the activity is such that he neither holds to himself long enough to become entangled or loses himself so as to become lost. Only a hopeful, levitous spirit can fully cope with this situation. Quod erat demonstrandum. The vatican approves of circuses, and warns against moods of gloom and perhaps the brain should be treated like a muscle. Play cannot be estimated or challenged also because of its unique set of elements.

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