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This is information about one of my favorite shows characters.
         Degrassi Characters

1. Holly J Sinclair
Holly J is played by Charlotte Arnold.

Holly J -- don't you dare call her "Holly" -- loves being in control. She wants to run the Power Squad, the student council, and the lives of everyone around her.

2. Peter Stone
Peter is played by Jamie Johnston.

The son of Degrassi's former principal, Ms. Hatzilakos, Peter's doing his best to leave his reckless, mischievous ways behind him, but it's going to be harder than he ever expected.

3. Alli Bhandari
Alli is played by Melinda Shankar.

Alli is Sav's younger sister. She wants to stand out at Degrassi -- and that means rebelling against her conservative Muslim upbringing every chance she gets.

4. Clare Edwards
Clare is played by Aislinn Paul.

Clare may have stopped wearing a uniform to school, but she hasn't forgotten that she's at Degrassi for one reason -- to learn.

5. K.C. Guthrie
K.C. is played by Sam Earle.

He's a smart, sarcastic skateboarder trying his hardest to leave his troubled past behind.

6. Riley Stavros

Riley is played by Argiris Karras.

He runs cross-country, plays on the football team, and he's very competitive -- maybe he feels that he has something to prove.

7. Sav Bhandari

Sav is played by Raymond Ablack.

Sav loves rocking out with St├╝dz and hanging out with Anya, but his parents want him to pursue engineering and find a nice Indian girl. Is high school his only chance to live on his own terms?

8. Anya MacPherson

Anya is played by Samantha Munro.

Stepping out of Holly J's shadow was a huge boost for Anya's self-confidence, but is she stepping into Sav's shadow instead?

9. Mia Jones

Mia is played by Nina Dobrev.

Balancing school, a modeling career, and being a mom is a non-stop challenge, but Mia is set to grab every opportunity that comes her way.

10. Jenna Middleton

Jenna is played by Jessica Tyler.

She's cheerful, outgoing, and she has a major agenda -- making new friends. Will this ray of sunshine upset Degrassi's established hierarchy?

11. Blue Chessex

Blue is played by Jordan Hudyma.

He's sensitive, charming, and a skilled artist.

12. Johnny DiMarco

Johnny is played by Scott Paterson.

Is Johnny a bully -- or a brooding bad boy? It depends who you ask.

13. Spinner Mason

Spinner is played by Shane Kippel.

Spinner has overcome some major challenges, including cancer. Now that he's out of school, he's ready for the next phase of his life. Is Jane part of that plan?

14. Jane Vaughn

Jane is played by Paula Brancati.

Jane's got high school all wrapped up -- her great grades and football skills should make university acceptance a snap -- but is something still missing from her almost-perfect life?

15. Manny Santos

Manny is played by Cassie Steele.

For a long time, all Manny cared about was becoming famous. Will Hollywood live up to her expectations?

16. Jay Hogart

Jay is played by Mike Lobel.

Jay has always been a bad ass, but when he's around Manny, he seems much more caring and sincere.

17. Emma Nelson

Emma is played by Miriam McDonald.

In college, Emma's doing her best to lighten up, have some fun, and spread her wings. So what will this semester bring?

18. Paige Michalchuk

Paige is played by Lauren Collins.

Living in Hollywood, Paige is working toward becoming a stylist, but she doesn't mind if the folks back home think she's already made it.

19. Marco Del Rossi

Marco is played by Adamo Ruggiero.

Marco's always been a supportive friend, but is it finally time to pursue his own dreams?

20. Connor

Connor is played by AJ Saudin.

Snake's super-smart godson is extremely focused -- but he can't always focus on what people are saying to him.

21. Ellie Nash

Ellie is played by Stacey Farber.

Ellie's life has been a whirlwind of drama, and she's still struggling to find the best way to cope.

22. Leia Chang

Leia is played by Judy Jiao.

Leia's finally starting to fit in at Degrassi -- but is she happy with the person she's becoming?

23. Danny Van Zandt

Danny is played by Dalmar Abuzeid.

Between band practice and football practice, Danny's pretty busy, but he's still the same sweet, funny guy he always was.

24. Derek Haig

Derek is played by Marc Donato.

Derek's not sure where he fits in anymore. Senior year brings inevitable changes, but he's fighting to keep things exactly how they are.

25. Darcy Edwards

Darcy is played by Shenae Grimes.

Darcy's been a queen bee and a social outcast, but now neither label fits. Her true self is out there somewhere, and she's determined to find it.

26. Jimmy Brooks

Jimmy is played by Aubrey Graham.

With Trina by his side, Jimmy feels stronger than ever -- and he's focusing all of that strength on learning to walk again.

27. Kelly Ashoona

Kelly is played by Evan Williams.

Originally from the Yukon, Kelly is outgoing, friendly, and very popular on the Smithdale campus.

28. Chantay Black

Chantay is played by Jajube Mandiela.

Chantay is always up to date on what's happening in Degrassi's halls. That's why she started the Anti-Grapevine, Degrassi's unofficial gossip blog.

29. Bruce

Bruce is played by Natty Zavitz.

Better known as "Bruce the Moose," he's a senior, a football player, and a really big guy -- which makes it easy for him to push everyone else around

30. Liberty Van Zandt

Liberty is played by Sarah Barrable-Tishauer.

Liberty was an academic superstar at Degrassi, but in college, she's making her social life a higher priority.

31. Toby Isaacs

Toby is played by Jake Goldsbie.

Ashley's brother Toby put up with a lot of teasing in high school, but those days are finally in the past.

32. Ashley Kerwin

Ashley is played by Melissa McIntyre.

33. Hazel Aden

Hazel is played by Andrea Lewis.

34. Fiona Coyne
Fiona's extensive travels have given her a sophisticated, regal air. Is she willing to get close to anyone at Degrassi?

Fiona is played by Annie Clark.

35. Griffin Pierce-Taylor

Griffin is played by Nathaniel Stephenson.

36. Declan Coyne

Declan is played by Landon Liboiron.

He's confident, mysterious, and ready to have all the Degrassi girls in the palm of his hand. He and his sister Fiona don't expect to be at Degrassi long, so he wants to make the most of it.

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