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A killer robot is turned human when a supernatural weapon gives her a conscience.
Set this as draft because things may be changed and still have alot to write


My life is like a bomb, ticking away until a most certain explosion, it was like a rush a desire inside my entire being.

I was only created with certain feelings. A lust for the kill control when needed pure hatred and other feelings that were built into my brain. Yes even as a robot I have a brain it not anything like a human's brain it's made of wires, charges, and any other objects that make me the perfect killing machine, the perfect robot for any mission.

There was only one person other than my creator that I actually spoke words with. His name was Henry; yes you heard correct was. I killed him two weeks ago I still remember the high pitch scream that came out of his open mouth. I wasn't used to males screaming like that I usually only heard that pitch from females.

You're probably wondering why he was killed well it was pretty simple. I was training with him one day in the cold wet basement, not that I noticed it was him that did most of the complaining. We were just finishing off when he came up to me with a sort of smile on his face, something I had heard about but not witnessed, he spoke of names saying that as a robot I should have a name I should have an identity. He mentioned a name "Elizabeth" he thought about it for a second and then cut the name down to Beth saying he liked how it sounded.

My creator must have overheard him because in a matter of a seconds he was running down grabbing Henry by the throat and yelling at him saying words like "She's a robot not a human being, name gives identity and she belongs to me." It wasn't long after that, that my creator ordered me to kill him on the spot, saying he was a liability and there was no use for him anymore and with that I grabbed him by the neck and crushed his throat until he couldn't breathe anymore. After that there was only silence and a well-done from my creator.

Chapter 1

It's only now that my creator realizes how much work Henry puts into the missions. So he brought in this guy called Lorell he is about six foot and has a smirk on his face constantly. His staring at me right now as I think these words then lets out a laugh. "A female?" he says, as if he hadn't seen a female robot before. Any second now his going to make some remark about a male robot that can take me on. "Don't judge her before you've seen in her action, she has much potential and has killed hundreds" my creator says trying to win the tall man over, all I can say is the door's over there.
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