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The characters of my story Late Cretaceous Period.
Lipit (leptoceratops):  A tiny, little, itty-bitty, scrawny,
pint-sized, midget of a dinosaur.  He’s small and helpless and still
unhatched.  He watches with blind eyes the scene unfolding on the
other side of his fragile shield.  His tiny form writhes to be free of
its even tinier enclosure.  The yellow sun forces its way through the
thick walls, turning into a thin dust of light.  Tiny muscles tense on
a tiny form; they long to stretch and run with the great shadow of a
guardian on the other side.  The shadow has changed somehow - it’s not
the same watchtower hovering above his ivory home.  This new shadow
seems to have teeth coming out of its eyes and nose.  It looks as if
it has a mouth on the back of its very large and very loud head.  He
sees tiny shadows surrounding it, but only the front shadows make
their presence known.  The ones in the back are stealing the ivory
tombs around his.  He can feel their presence and warmth leaving him,
and his struggle to escape death draws ever closer.  He pecks away at
the walls holding him when a sudden tremor jostles his limited world.
And then a wave of fresh air – his first taste of life.  A looming
character is standing over him quietly watching, huffing and proud –
his mother of another species.

    Collie (triceratops):  A giant among beasts; a vision of terror.
Black as pitch and just as relentless.  With glowing pupils dilated
and a horrendous roar, she charges her aggressors, intending to run
them clean through.  Sharp teeth come at her, but she waves them away
with even sharper horns.  No not horns, extensions of her fury, long
and baneful.  Her hide sports every kind of scar imaginable and some
unimaginable ones.  Her frill is laced with scars and stories of
battles long, long ago.  Her back has notches missing from countless
brawls with the Nanotyrannus.  Those stinking creatures who destroyed
her nest killed her young, and ate her eggs for the last three
breeding seasons.  This season was her last chance to start a family
and build a herd of her own.  She failed to protect the dream and the
ones who would complete that dream.  She is ready to try again with
the tiny egg that sits, waiting for her to notice.  She stands her
ground and is ready to fight when needed.  But when she lays her eyes
on the helpless form far below her, she seems to crumble; kindness has
taken hold.  Her looming face stretches down in greeting of a new
arrival; it’s her new baby.

    Sylum (nanotyrannus):  A voracious predator; a killing machine.
He is blood lust from tooth to nail to the spikes on his head.  His
scaly brown hide is streaked with his bloody past.  He is the leader
of a thriving pack of bloody bandits.  Their one-track minds compel
them to kill, eat, and kill again.  His hunger is never staved off for
too long; it always comes back with even more intensity than the time
before.  This hunger has driven him to the edge of insanity, yet he’s cool
and calculating.  He never goes in for the kill without a foolproof strategy
and an escape plan.  This time will be no different from the rest.  The
triceratops eggs are just snacks; the mother will be the main course. 
During the night another mother had suffered the same fate.  They hadn’t
found her nest yet.  The triceratops mother has just lead the pack to that
very nest; it’s at the edge of the clearing.  As they rush towards their next meal, their
blood boils with fury and excitement.  As leader, he is first to
pounce upon the triceratops and rip at her weathered pelt.  His pack
moves in on the nest and steals as many eggs as they can carry.  She
notices the thievery and bellows her discontent at the bloody little
creatures with spikes and stripes coming out of every crevice on their
bodies.  She slashes at them with her extensions and roars as loud as
an earthquake rumbles.  They have their prize of the moment, so the
leader signals a hasty retreat.  They will follow this eventual meal
until she makes a fatal mistake.
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