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A tree dancing, slippery roads, and a greeting for everyone.
Christmas Greetings 2009

Last night, as I was pouring myself a hot coffee, I saw the lighted Christmas tree in the backyard tipping left and right. It was windy. The tree was not only anchored into the ground, but tied off to the gazebo structure where it stands.

It's still there today. It didn't blow away. Nina said it's going to need some more reinforcement. Yeah, ok, I'll put that on the list.

But first, off I went to do some shopping.

On Snoozer, Crasher, Flasher, and Fido,
Vomit, Lazy, Fluffy, and Psycho!
To the sports store I go.

It's been cold lately, which reminded me
that Curling is the 2nd most popular team ice sport in N. America. So, I'm thinking about taking up that Olympic sport for myself. It would be impressive when the guys ask, "Hey what sport are you into?"

I've been talking with the boys about doing a little hiking and camping along the Appalachian Trail in the coming spring.

I asked the store clerk where they keep the chess boards. He gave me a look. I think it sounded to him something like, "Where can I find the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus?"

So, I figured that I would ask something a bit simpler. I asked him where they keep the tennis bats. Again with the look.

Next time I'll ask about getting a curling broom.


Brass City

To the south lies good ol' Naugatuck,
where things have, lately, run amok.
In the east is stately town of Cheshire,
where folks are often under pressure.

Watertown is just north of here,
presenting its postcard atmosphere.
And, to the west is grand old Middlebury,
country-town, sure, but not sedentary.

In this valley both south and north,
on roads, of late, too icy,
folks are motoring back and forth
their luck is often quite dicey.

So, take your time this year, my friend
work smoothly please don't run.
In frenzied bustle don't forget
to enjoy crisp air and sun.


May your Christmas be filled with
the infinite warmth and peace
of God's eternal love.

Merry Christmas,

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