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My thoughts on all the pointless relationships out there and why.
We are all searching for a connection. Something meaningful we can share ourselves with. Ego demands it, nature depends on it, struggle makes it necessary, any way you look at it every human, every creature, every being, and every piece of matter in the universe needs a connection. I think as a fairly young species we do not fully understand these connections. Most find it in a good husband, wife, girlfriend, lover, significant other. Some find a connection with an otherworldly being through religious service. Some may even be lucky enough to find it just serving fellow man but this is very rarely satisfactory. So we desperately seek and latch on to one another. For most this is completely satisfactory solution. But what happens to that are unlucky few who are just barely starting to understand what we strive for? Maybe we don't understand why yet or there is some part that still eludes us. The grand scheme is cloudy and too big for our still developing or maybe sadly stagnant consciences to see. But they have a small pull inside. They feel the desire for connection but understand it at least enough to feel the pain of false and desperate clutching. Sadly most humans go through life seeking these connections but failing to understand what it means. H to truly connect, or even why the connection itself is special. As I said the universe thrives on connection, but the Universe is savagely true to itself. False connections are ripped apart with no remorse. We lack that gift, we lie to each other. We lie to everyone around us. We even lie to ourselves. We yearn for a connection and yet our entire social and psychological system prevents just that. We cannot connect while we lie and deceive and cheat. When we start to tear down the walls we build around our inner selves then we can truly connect. And then we may, just may be able to start truly connecting with life. With our universe and ourselves in the most wholesome way
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