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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1627194
Giroro is being targeted by his own brother, is there a true reason? [Warning: violence]
                                  ::Chapter 1:: Evacuation

It all started after Garuru came back to Pekopon. I thought it was a normal visit until I heard his deep voice command me to come out of my tent. Garuru was rather in a bad mood; or he had something serious to do. When I poked my head out from my tent I gasped seeing that there was a gun's barrel right in between my eyes, and he was there glaring at me, one of his red beady eyes visible from his yellow shades.

Yeah, I remember it that clearly anyone would. It was my own brother.

When I was able to get out and we were standing there, alone as the wind blew a crisp cold breeze. I just stared and studied him, I gave him the look that I wanted answers and of course he knew my look.
         'Don't look at me like that Giroro Gocho.' Garuru hissed and aimed his pistol at me. 'You know damn well why I'm here.'
         'About taking over Pekopon?' I asked him cocking a brow; I tried my best to ignore the gun that was aimed at me. I hated that stance; he told me stories of when he gave that glance...and whoever saw it was killed on the spot. But this is the second time I've seen that stance which was made toward me at least. 'Almost every Keronian that made it here has that reason.' I said to him clenching my hands into fists. Garuru said nothing at first and then he nodded.
         'Of course that's why. Headquarters finally got impatient with you guys.' He said and he lowered his gun about three inches so that it was aiming in front of me. 'Headquarters is declaring war on Pekopon; and after we win, we're going to destroy it.'
         'What?!' I yelled as I took a step forward. 'T-They...They can't do that!!'

Idiot, of course they can.

Garuru frowned and kept on staring at me with that glare. 'Of course they can Giroro! They were the one who gave you the mission remember?!' he yelled and then started to go neutral after noticing his sudden outburst, his glare even disappeared. 'But that's not the point. Headquarters wants me to 'evacuate' you and the Keroro Platoon; once I do we can start the war.' He said. I couldn't believe him; they wanted him to kill us?!

         'Headquarters wants us dead?!' I yelled at him. Garuru didn't say anything, his gun was still lowered and his glance still emotionless, I thought he always had a great poker-face; but knowing that made me nervous.
         'Not necessarily.' He said calmly, the breeze gave another crisp wave as we both stayed in silence. 'But if you guys disobeyed orders then they want me to end it quickly.' Garuru said and then lowered his gun completely. 'And because you're my little brother...I was hoping we can make this easy.' He said. I said nothing, my brother wouldn't kill me...yet...once I thought about it hard enough, and I rather give up my life then to let everyone on Earth suffer.
         'So...if we all don't evacuate then there will be war against Pekopon and Keron?' I asked as I was able to make a small button on my back click, it was a hidden microphone that Kururu gave me once. It was a joke, so he'll know what I'll be doing. This time, he needed to know what I was doing, so he and everyone else can save their own life. I quickly calculated in my mind as I waited for an answer. I got enough ammunition and enough weapons to last me for two months, if I be careful then probably three. I had just enough supplies to leave Japan. Garuru was thinking. He was examining me, he was also getting ready. But I had no idea what he was getting ready for, he didn't have a reason too...or did he?
         'Yes.' Garuru said, his voice sounding dry and almost lifeless. 'In a sort of way.' He said. I took a deep breath and from my back I pulled out a grenade, he flinched getting ready and I threw it and as it exploded I opened up my 'holographic wings' and flew into the air out of the smoke and house. I was leaving all I had behind, my friends, my team, my tent, my secret love.
         'Amber alert! Amber alert!' I yelled into the microphone which in a button turned into a head piece. 'This is Giroro Gocho responding!! We're being under attacked!!! Get all you need and evacuate now!!' I yelled, I turned to the left when I barely dodged a bullet. I looked over my shoulder and saw Garuru flying with his holographic wings behind me.
         'Giroro! Status report!' I heard Kururu's voice called into the earpiece. Thank God he heard me. 'Who's attacking you?!'
         'It's Garuru! Um...status report--you know just forget about it!' I yelled as I aimed over my shoulder and shot at Garuru who easily dodged the blast. 'Just evacuate!! Separate!! Garuru is here, sent by headquarters to kill us if we don't leave! Headquarters is declaring war on Pekopon!!' I yelled and swore as a bullet got me in the arm. 'Shit!'
         'Roger that!' Kururu gasped as heard alarms going off in the background. 'This was bond to happen...god dammit!'
         'Take it easy Kururu, just get out of Japan...it'll be harder for us to get us then.' I said as I took out my pocket knife and took the bullet out of my arm. I then turned around quickly and threw it at Garuru to distract him, when he dodged a cut was made on his cheek and his shades as been cracked and broke. I felt my heart freeze when I saw his red eye glare at me, wanting to kill. The same look that he made to half of an army when he took them out.

And to think I was next.

I turned back around and I kept on flying, I saw the ocean and knew, this was going to take a while. But Garuru won't get me if I leave Japan, because he has to take out the rest of the platoon. So I needed to stall so they can escape. I aimed and tried my best to shoot at Garuru and again he still easily dodged. 'Report once everyone evacuates!'
         'Roger that Giroro, everyone is following your order.' Kururu said. 'Giroro, before I let you go, I have something to tell you.'
         'What is it?' I asked as I barely dodged Garuru's bullet raids. 'This isn't really the time for love confessions.' I smirked and said nothing as I heard silence. 'Kururu?'
         'I guess you're right, considering that you're in a battle. But I placed an emergency battery, for when someone's tracking our communication lines that you can replace the regular battery and well...just in case we can be on an anonymous line. So we know who's alive and whatnot.'
         'Thanks for the gift.' I said and shooting some rocker launchers at Garuru. 'Any other presents you gave me?'
         'Other then a homemade GPS of all of Pekopon, but a special laptop so you can read on the Headquarters' site on what's going on.'
         'Thanks a million Kururu.' I said and I smiled. 'Hey maybe when this is all over you can have that love confession.'
         'Sure, whatever you say...' Kururu said in a whisper. 'Everyone has evacuated, contact me as soon as you're in a safe area. Goodbye Corporal Giroro Gocho.'
         'Roger that...bye Kururu.' I said and then there was silence. I sighed and then started to make my way to the ocean when out of nowhere a huge blast was made and got one of my wings.

That bastard took out his sniper again.

         'Dammit!' I yelled and I took out my pistol and try to shoot him over the shoulder so it can distract him.
         'You can't run Giroro!' Garuru yelled to me. 'Even if you do I'll still be after you!! I'll take you and that platoon of Keroro's out one by one!!' he yelled with an evil laugh. Before I was about to do a thing a giant blast shot me in the back and I found myself falling out of the sky, he took out my wings again. It wasn't long before I finally met ground, amazed again that this time I didn't die, especially because this time I didn't land in water, I landed on solid ground. I felt warm liquid under my back, when the pack that made the holographic wings shattered it probably exploded onto my back, and landing on it didn't help either. 'We could've avoided this Giroro.' I heard Garuru say as he got on ground and turned the wings off. I took aim with the pistol I had but he ran over and kicked it out of my hand and placed my pocketknife I threw at him to my neck.
         'I know.' I said with a smirk. 'But...I started to like this planet too much.' I stopped when he sliced part of my cheek.
         'Don't play hero with me!!' He yelled. 'You knew damn well Giroro...Damn well that Pekopon was supposed to be destroyed!! Invaded!! But no, your stupid Sergeant had to take his damn time!! Fooling around!! Playing as if this was all a game!!' he yelled at me. I said nothing and took a small lick of the blood that trickled from my cheek down to my lips.
         'Has it really come to this?' I asked him, he said nothing and I continued. 'Do we really need to destroy it Garuru? To kill each other? Do we?'
         'What the hell do you think?' Garuru hissed putting the blade closer to my neck so that it was pressing against my skin. 'If we take over Pekopon...then we could've turned it into a planet that we wished for.' He said in a cold and emotionless voice. His eye that was visible got small, he was turning into his crazy self. 'It's too bad....that my own little brother wouldn't see the beautiful outcome.' He said and held the pocketknife above me, ready to stab me square in the chest.
         'N-No!!' I yelled but as if right on cue a star came and got Garuru in the back of the hand making him drop the pocketknife that landed next to my head. Me and Garuru looked and saw a familiar light blue Keronian wearing a ninja mask.

Lance Corporal Dororo Heicho.

         'If you think you're so blood thirsty...come after me Garuru Chui! Not your own blood!' Dororo yelled and took out his katana.
         'D-Dororo! Get out of here!' I stammered but it was too late. Garuru had a challenge, and he never refuses a challenge. Garuru took off like a madman after him, taking the pocketknife from the ground as he did. Dororo was ready and was able to block the attack. I got up with a struggle and grabbed my arm as it dangled, it was clearly broken.
         'Giroro! Start up my pod! We'll leave together!!' he yelled. I nodded and ran over to the small pod that could fit two and got on in. I clicked on a few buttons with my available hand and it turned on, its destination ready and everything. I looked over at Dororo who was still attacking Garuru, I could tell that he was getting used to Dororo's speed, that isn't good.
         'Dororo come on!!' I yelled desperately to him. If we worked together then it'd be easier for us to survive together when we're on our own. Dororo struggled and gave me a quick glance before he was able to give a hard blow to Garuru making him fall back. Dororo ran over to me and jumped on in, pressing more buttons and the pod rising.
         'Great...if we can follow this little map thing.' Dororo started pointing to the GPS, 'then we'll reach safe destination in no time.'
         'Good thinking, you ready?' I asked and I made the pod rise into the sky. When we were only a few minutes in the air, Dororo looked and gasped seeing Garuru was there flying after us.
         'He's behind us!!' he gasped and then suddenly his eyes went blank. A deadly kind of white with no pupils. I looked at him confused.
         'Dororo? What's wrong?' I asked and then gasped as when he slumped over a blade was in his back.

My pocketknife.

[]::Ch. 1 END::[]
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