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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1627204
Giroro is being targeted by his own brother, is there a true reason? [Warning: swearing]
                          :: Chapter 2 :: Starting over / A new life

         "Giroro? Giroro wake up!!" my eyes snapped open and I found myself sitting up and looking around at my surroundings. I sighed hearing the calm music coming from birds and seeing that Dororo was there at my side...well not really, but more like near the wall. I grabbed my head and I rubbed in between my eyes, wanting to forget all that happened but couldn't. "You were having another nightmare?"
         "Yeah." I said and looked up at Dororo who took a sip of his tea. "How are you feeling?"
         "Better." Dororo said quickly putting his mask on and setting the cup down on the small table next to the small place I slept. Ever since Dororo was stricken in the back with the pocketknife he'll cough and hack up his lung and it'll take a while for him to stop. He says that he'll get better and that it'll go away, but of course I don't believe him. That thing did go pretty deep; Garuru really is going to kill us at all costs. "I still think it's because of your lack of eating Giroro."
         "Nah." I said as I stretched and stood up, I walked over to the window and looked out at the ocean, we were in Australia now. And so far after being here for three weeks we were still in hiding, still safe from Garuru. "It's not because of that...I still have things on my mind." I said to him and then turned around and looked at Dororo. "But that's not important, have you heard anything from the others yet?"
         "No, not yet." Dororo said shaking his head, he started to cough a bit but it calmed almost immediately. "But I did get some news about headquarters though." He said in a small whisper and held a small cup of tea towards me. I grabbed it and looked at him surprised.
         "Really? What did they say?" I asked him as I took a nice long sip. If we did learn about headquarters then maybe we can get out of hiding and go back to our nice little life back in Japan.

But I highly doubt it.

Dororo said nothing as he fidgeted with his fingers and the cup he held and he sighed and looked at the laptop and nudged it towards me on the table. After hesitating I went to the laptop and I gasped seeing words 'WAR'.
         "Even though we're still here...they're declaring war on Pekopon." Dororo said sadly, I stayed silent and put the cup down and walked over to the windowsill and leaned against it, looking out.
         "Great...we can't do a damn thing to stop this then huh?"
         "I guess not." Dororo said getting quiet again, "Giroro...I'm going to join them."
         "Join who? What?" I asked as I looked at him from the peaceful setting. He couldn't be joining headquarters would he? He doesn't even like war, the only reason he almost became our enemy was because he wanted to protect Pekopon.
         "I'm going to help the Pekoponian in the war, they need to protect Pekopon...and it's my dream to protect it to...even if that makes me an outlaw on Keron for the rest of my life." Dororo said proudly and he held his hand in a fist. He was dead serious about this.
         "But Dororo you can't, you're not well enough yet." I said as I walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You can't push yourself Dororo; you'll kill yourself like that!" I said to him and wanted to beat myself up when I saw his eyes started to tear up.

Aw jeez, not now.

Dororo lowered his head and I sighed and lifted his head gently so he can look at me. "Come on soldier, you know better!! Fights have consequences; right now...joining the 'enemy' isn't the best opportunity." I said and stayed silent when he lowered his head again. Poor Dororo, all he wants to do is help and make everything seem nice. Let Keron be in peace with Pekopon and live happily here. I pitied him. "When are they planning to do the attack?"
         "I another two weeks." He said with a sniffle and tried to wipe his eyes. I said nothing and smiled and patted his head.
         "It's ok Dororo, once you're better, I promise you can go do whatever you want to make Pekopon safe...or whatever." I said, it felt weird saying that really. Because all this time I wanted Pekopon to be invaded but now...I wanted it spared. Dororo sniffled again and then looked up at me with a smile.
         "Y-You're right...ok Giroro-kun." He said. I smiled and patted his shoulder with emotion.
         "Alright! Since that's settled, let's get some more supplies ok?" I asked him. Dororo nodded and followed me as we both turned our Anti-Barriers on and set off to find supplies.

It only took two days until Dororo left, leaving me a note saying that he was going to leave me to join the Pekoponians fight; he was heading to the places with the great armies and waiting for the first sign of the invasion to warn them and help them. I remember not sleeping for two days, I was going to go insane but somehow calmed down. I decided that I wasn't going to fight in the war; I wasn't going on either side but going to stay hidden. The longer I'm hidden; maybe Garuru would give up finding me. Not when he found me a week later and I had to get out of that place. I was finally alone,
'I was set off to be alone in the beginning' I kept telling myself 'since the day you were born, and with a brother thirsty to kill you...probably not. That happened by chance.' My head would tell me. I was glad that my arm had already healed and I found ammunition, because now my survival was number one.

*[+]* 11 years later *[+]*

         "Welcome to Mars! The red planet and the fourth planet from the sun! Would you like to take a free brochure of our sites and fun spots for you and your family?"
         "Family? If I had one, no thanks lady." I replied brushing past one of the welcoming flight attendance on Mars. I grabbed my bag which was an old army sack and started to head on my way until an officer had placed a hand in front of me, so I stopped.
         "What's in your bag son?" a Keronian officer in a humanoid suit asked me. I said nothing as I placed the army hat I had to cover my eyes.
         "None of your damn business gramps." I hissed and sighed as he grabbed it anyways and started to look in it. "Sure look in it anyways gramps, I don't care all it has is my stuff in it."
         "Well now what's this?" the officer said as he pulled out one of my many guns that were in there. "Planning on playing soldier? You know the rules son." He said. I rolled my eyes and took out a small card with my info and that I was allowed to go on transportation pods with my weapons. He said nothing and put it back in there and after closing the bag he gave it back to me. I grabbed it and threw it over my shoulder and walked past him.

Officers these days. Sheesh!

I stopped again at some huge screens that were on the wall so I can see what train to take to the main city on Mars when I happened to notice my appearance in the reflection of a window. I not only had a new scar on my cheek, the one Garuru had given me years ago, the opposite side of my scar on my eye but also I was also in a humanoid suit wearing a jacket over a shirtless, but not belt-less torso and wearing black jeans that were ripped at the knees. The first time I found the suit and bothered to try it out, I hated it. But it came with tons of benefits after some aliens started to travel to Pekopon and not get killed or experimented on. So I can walk around normally but for identity reasons then 'half-normally'. I fixed my cap and noticed a small girl with blonde hair was watching me. She looked like that one Pekoponian child star but her hair was longer and she wore black and peach.
Weird combo. She walked over to the reflection and she started to make faces at her reflection and laugh when she did. So innocent, but had to live in a time of war.
          "Hey mister." I gasped as she looked at me. I pretended not to notice but I sighed because I    couldn't resist her glance.
          "You're not from here are you?"
          "Considering that I'm here and not in my own little happy home in this place then no." I said to her as I rolled my eyes. She said nothing as she played with her small rabbit doll and she looked at me and smiled.
          "You in the military? I can tell by your cap and those scars!!"
          "Really now?"
          "Yes sir!! My daddy had the same scars!!" right when she said that I stopped, she was part of the many children who can't see their parents because they're fighting in the war. I'm glad that I didn't join, even though sometimes I wished that I went with Dororo or Kururu. I still don't know if they're alright, or if Dororo's cough ever got better.
          "Oh...sorry to hear that kid."
          "Its ok mister!!" she said with a smile and played with her little blonde curls. "Mommy said that daddy loved us all so much that he's risking his life in space to help us!! Even if he doesn't come home, when we win I'll still be proud of him!" she said proudly. I said nothing but I smiled at her.
            "Lea! Let's go sweetie!" a young woman yelled. Lea ran after her mother and I saw a tag that was on the mother's arm. From the color of the tag, Lea and her mother are going to Venus, one of the places that families go to when they're struggling of a loved one. I really hope that her mother doesn't tell her just yet that her father isn't coming back home.
            "Gods speed kid." I whispered as I rearranged the bag over my shoulder. "You're gonna need it." I said and then walked over to a glass door which opened to where the monorails were to go into the city. 

:: Chapter 2 :: END
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